Database has renamed itself -once again

Thank you!

I’m having this issue as well. Yes I am indexing files from a cloud-synced location, in this case OneDrive. And yes, files are getting renamed using Obsidian, sometimes locally, sometimes remotely. I have seen a few pathological situations … I have to regularly throw away the group of indexed files and recreate it because it does not recover from files going away. Annoying but not that big a deal. I have also noticed that my local database explodes in size by 4x-6x sometimes, and I tend to throw away the local copy and resync from webdav. Before I was noticing it only on DTtG and would delete on iPhone and resync. But now it has renamed the database in my webdav store, and so I’m restoring webdav from backup to recover.

I also have this issue fairly routinely with DTTG, but it usually comes with a bug that results in the database on DTTG being useless. I usually just delete and resync, sometimes after cleaning the sync store from DT3. Using CloudKit FYI.

And you’re indexing files in a cloud-synced location or not?

have had the same problem: suddenly database renamed itself and some of files got lost. i used restoration from backup to solve it.

tryed to reproduce this bug, but without succes so far

in my case I use DTTG and DPro.

Database contains indexed folder and standartly (through inbox) introduced files.

Sometimes to redact .md files i used iAWriter, and when file was opened in different locations simultaneously it leaded to creating a copy -

So the databse changed it name from the original to filename_copy.

And in this moment files that was not form the indexed folder disaapeared.

I opened a ticket, but the conversation has paused by me trying to repoduce the bug. No succes so far.

Yes, though not the whole database. There are definitely components of each database that have indexed parts of my local OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.

This would be due to Preferences > Sync > Conflicts being set to Duplicate documents or DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Conflicts set to Duplicate.

@apoc527: Do you have similar conflict settings?

Yes, and what’s more, I think it only happens when I have the same databases trying to sync via both Bonjour AND CloudKit. I’ve turned off Bonjour (which I only used because of speed) and we’ll see how it works. Next time, I may try using ONLY Bonjour and then turning it off before turning on CloudKit.

Thanks for the clarification and diligence!
Let us know what you find and we’ll check here too.

Those of you with the spontaneous database renaming: please send us the Console.log files via ?⃝ > Contact us or downloaded from the device via the Finder. Thank you!

One other weird thing I’m seeing, I’m not sure how to interpret it but figured I should share.

I have a Synology NAS system and I use WebDAV. It backs up every day. I’ve deleted the problematic database from all my DttG devices, and I now only sync to one MacBook. I’ve tried now several times disabling WebDAV and restoring backups to a couple of different dates that I know are before the time the database rename happened. I’ve deleted the database locally. But even going back several days before the rename happened, it still shows up in the list of remote databases via WebDAV with the new name.

Now, maybe backup/restore isn’t working … I haven’t fully tested it, but I see no errors, it takes many hours, and it seems like it’s working. So maybe something else is going on, unsure.

I am only restoring the directory ‘[database-name].dtCloud’ in WebDAV. That’s correct, right? Or do I need to restore some other file or directory? Really weird.

I will upload my Console.log files but it’s now been a few days, so it may not help.

Meanwhile I will try restoring my entire home directory on the NAS system.

Please clarify… are you “backing up” or “synchronising” with your WebDAV on Synology?

Synchronising in DEVONthink is not a backup and it has not “restore”.

Using TimeMachine to backup/restore?

I am syncing to WebDAV, and then backing up the filesystem that hosts the WebDAV storage. I’m not backing up my laptop (though I’m about to start… ;).

I can’t get my head around what you are doing. Sorry. Probably best if you start a new thread as this deals with synchronisation and restoration of the sync files to the server where they are located (?). I think (again, not yet sure what you are doing or what the problem is) .that you’d be better off “cleaning” the sync location and set up again from a working DEVONthink instance

A new thread properly titled will attract others who might better understand.

No single case of spontaneous database renaming yet?

None here and no further reports I’ve seen.