'Delete page' option greyed out once it's been clicked once

Hello. This has been happening for months (through various updates), but it’s only occurred to me this morning that a) it’s perhaps a bug not a feature, and b) that you may not know about it.

I save web pages as PDFs, which means I often end up with PDF pages to delete. I usually just view the PDFs in the preview/viewing pane, and then right click to open the menu and delete the page I want, like so:

However, this only works for the first time I do it. If I then try to do this a second time, the delete page option is greyed out, like this (please note it’s not the only option that is now greyed out on the menu, so the bug/feature goes beyond “delete”, but it’s only the delete option I have been observing):

The only way to correct this is to select another document, and then return to the original. As this happens every time, in a document where I might end up deleting 3 pages, this means I have to click in and out of the document 3 times.

I’m wondering if perhaps this isn’t meant to be happening and there’s an issue somewhere?

I experienced that behaviour, too. Happens all the time when you delete the last page of a document. Doesn’t happen when you delete the first page or any page in the middle of the document.

Oh that’s interesting, I hadn’t noticed that it was page dependent, but I am usually deleting the last page(s) so that would make sense!

The next release will work around a PDFkit glitch causing the failed menu validation.


3.9.1 think i have the problem only after the last update :slight_smile:
scan with scansnap …
thanks for help!

any ideas?
thanks …