Deleting Dupes The Saga Continues

The saga continues. So the duplicate file issue is still a thing for me. It’s gotten to where I just blindly make use of the pre-packaged script to remove duplicates. Huge mistake. I was under the impression it would only delete the duplicated files, but it totally deleted. both files, and I"ve noticed that for some reason it’s the file or folder with the -1 that ends up being the one that I want because it contains all of my files.

Is this normal, and how would that be possible? If those files are already synced or imported into my database, how is it that those are being marked as the duplicate? I have tried swapping them into the folder without that -1 or -2 or whatever designation and just about anything else you could imagine nothing has worked.

I don’t get it, what am I missing what am I doing wrong? . I’ve got the most current version of your software running from a MacBook air and imac syncing through icloud. Is icloud the issue? I will switch syncing set up with the quickness if it would fix my issue… it’s become a huge distraction that I’ve wasted so much time on, and I’m at the point where I’m about to throw in the towel and say eff it and put the app on time out as I test other software out, and I really don’t want to do that. would bonjour or Dropbox even be better?

I just ended up deleting my entire grad school course, assignments and all, through using the script to delete duplicates not even realizing it because. I’ve been so consumed with getting my database back to a point where I can use it like normal. Super frustrated right now I feel like I’m forced to do the same thing over and over moving the same files endlessly shuffling files that shouldn’t be moving because I know not to touch the version in finder since they’re indexed .

Scripts > Data > Move Duplicates To Trash? Just tried this and only one duplicate is moved to the trash, this script doesn’t delete anything immediately.

Why are you indexing files?

Then I don’t know what happened. That was the only thing i did. I’m just glad that when i saw the files that were in the trash that i double checked how the folder itself looked and realized what happened before total disaster, but still, having to put all these files back manually iust annoying and made even more annoying by the fact that until I figure out what’s going on they’re just likely to end up duplicated again anyways.

I can’t speak for the OP, but I rely on indexing files for content that is “shared” via Dropbox, OneDrive, or other tools. Actually importing this content into my database just forces content duplication and version drift, as the shared copy continues to evolve beyond the version I imported.

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Easier to get to from elsewhere and manipulate the files using whatever it is that I need to. . I have to work in a chrome/google heavy environment at work, then school is very much microsoft based with an online component to it. Keeping the files the same folder structure I had been using which simply breaks it down by semester and individual courses made the most sense given the fact I would likely need to pull up the files from either location and don’t always have Devonthink open, nor do I want to.

Also, I just don’t know how I feel about either having all of my files being duplicated, maintaining a copy in finder in addition to storing one in devonthink, I feel like that would be a lot of bloat, as would having to open up Devonthink every time i wanted to work on my term paper or project. I’m also. more than wary of putting everything in one basket so to speak, I had a bad experience with that and ended up having to start from scratch.

It initially seemed like ti made the most sense but now I don’t know but whatever is currently happening isn’t working for me, I know that much.


@BLUEFROG and I have the sinking suspicion that the only reason it’s only this database as well as my work one that I’m noticing these issues in is the fact that they’re the only ones I’ve had the opportunity to interact with on a regular basis.

Yes, @efndc hit the nail on the head

@cgrunenberg is the issue with syncing and duplicates specific to ilcloud, or do people syncing their databases other ways experience similar?

Is the option to duplicate in case of conflicts (see Preferences > Sync) enabled on any computer/device?

@cgrunenberg No :confused: that was one of the first things that I checked. It’s so bizarre to me, and everytime I think I figured it out it turns out not to be the case at all

Is the indexed iCloud content always available locally or is there not enough disk space on your Mac?

@cgrunenberg It looks as though it’s always available locally. I’m only using about half of my hard drive m. The only files I really see the cloud symbol by aren’t ones causing issue or aren’t even in database thought there very well could be some exceptions as I didn’t do a thorough inspection.

Does the duplication still happen after disabling the synchronization for a while?

@cgrunenberg, I’m not sure, let me check. How long would you recommend that I turn the synchronization off for?

Go for the weekend as Development is off until Monday :slight_smile:

@BLUEFROG turned sync off for weekend as directed duplicates are still alive and well.

Meaning that additional duplicates were created this weekend without synchronizing the database(s)? Which items were actually duplicated, what’s their path and do you remember which action in DEVONthink or the Finder caused this?

@cgrunenberg it was all the files in a specific folder for one of my classes folder should have nested heirarchy which somehow disappears and I end up with all the files (the ones that remove duplicates didn’t delete which I can’t trust anymore) outside of the folders they are supposed to be in. I don’t know what finder action I did specifically, but i was trying to clean everything up on the finder end hoping that would work so I’d imagine I was moving files around in there and I hardly used the app and I see myself using it a lot less anymore major #^&%! seriously at the point where I may have to delete the app, as much as I love it at this point not getting anything from it just wasting time shifting #$&! around only to end up losing the files I’m trying to organize in the first place.

Are you using Optimise Mac Storage? I did before and had problems with duplicates. I have now turned it off and for me this seems to have solved the duplication problems.
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@bjornivarsson I was, I’m now trying to see if turning this feature off is going to work, I’d previously tried avoiding having to change any of my computer settings, and thought the issue had been resolved multiple times only for them to come back with a vengeance.