DEVONagent Pro - Preferences|Mail


I have just reinstalled OSX 10.8 from scratch and then put DEVONagent back on, which worked just fine on the last installation on this 11in Macbook Air.

I went through the preferences to set them up the way I like it and I was unable to access the “Email” pane. I can click on the other seven tabs and work on the panes just fine, but when I select “Email” the icon on the running bar darkens to show it is selected, but the pane itself remain displaying the last viewed settings.

It was fine this morning, I could select and change the settings on this tab prior to reinstalling the OS. Absolutly everything is running on this machine much better for this long overdue clean out , except this one tab in the DEVONagent settings.

Any thoughts on why I should be barred from accessing the pane?


Makes me wonder, what’s going on there, because for me that tab doesn’t work either - not with my main user and a complete reboot including fsck, repairing privileges and deleting system and user caches didn’t help. Taking out all existing preferences for DEVONagent as well as installing a fresh copy didn’t help either.
Even a safe boot and testing this with a complete new user account with no old preferences made no difference.

I noticed, that when the tab is accessed for the first time, OS 10.8 asks me to allow DEVONagent to access my contacts. I did. It doesn’t ask a second time, when I deactivate this in System Preferences > Security & Privacy. So one should ensure, that DEVONagent is allowed to access the contacts and that his card in the is defined as his card. (menu bar > card > make this my card) But that is also fine here.

(DEVONagent Pro 3.5.1, OS10.8.4)

Is anything logged to Applications > Utilities > > All Messages after trying to select the Email pane?


03.09.13 12:25:01,403 DEVONagent[5317]: *** Assertion failure in -[NSTextFieldCell _objectValue:forString:errorDescription:], /SourceCache/AppKit/AppKit-1187.39/AppKit.subproj/NSCell.m:1532
03.09.13 12:25:01,419 DEVONagent[5317]: selectPreferencePaneAtIndex:unselect: (DevonPreferencesPanel):
Invalid parameter not satisfying: aString != nil
0 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff95eafb06 __exceptionPreprocess + 198
1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x00007fff980e03f0 objc_exception_throw + 43
2 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff95eaf948 +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] + 104
3 Foundation 0x00007fff911f94c2 -[NSAssertionHandler handleFailureInMethod:object:file:lineNumber:description:] + 189
4 AppKit 0x00007fff9752f125 -[NSCell _objectValue:forString:errorDescription:] + 159
5 AppKit 0x00007fff9752f07f -[NSCell _objectValue:forString:] + 20
6 AppKit 0x00007fff9752effb -[NSCell setStringValue:] + 39
7 AppKit 0x00007fff975c332c -[NSControl setStringValue:] + 138
8 AgentMail 0x000000010eac144e -[AgentMailPreferencesPref willSelect] + 246
9 DEVONappkit 0x00000001002d8a7f -[DevonPreferencesPanel selectPreferencePaneAtIndex:unselect:] + 239
10 AppKit 0x00007fff97ae1708 -[NSToolbarButton sendAction:to:] + 84
11 AppKit 0x00007fff97ae175c -[NSToolbarButton sendAction] + 68
12 AppKit 0x00007fff97aec3a1 -[NSToolbarItemViewer mouseDown:] + 4973
13 AppKit 0x00007fff9763650e -[NSWindow sendEvent:] + 6853
14 AppKit 0x00007fff97632644 -[NSApplication sendEvent:] + 5761
15 DEVONappkit 0x00000001002cced3 -[DevonApplication sendEvent:] + 227
16 AppKit 0x00007fff9754821a -[NSApplication run] + 636
17 AppKit 0x00007fff974ecbd6 NSApplicationMain + 869
18 DEVONagent 0x0000000100019565 DEVONagent + 103781
19 DEVONagent 0x00000001000026f4 DEVONagent + 9972
20 ??? 0x0000000000000002 0x0 + 2
03.09.13 12:25:01,420 DEVONagent[5317]: Couldn’t load /Applications/

Thanks for the Console log! The next maintenance release will fix this exception.