DEVONthink 3 - choosing the colour mode

Is there any way that the colour mode can be manually selected?

I am using this tweak to change only the colour of the menu bar to dark whilst retaining the rest in light mode. I couldn’t find a way to manually select the colour mode with the result that my screen looks like this;

As an aside the sidebar in dark would also look good as an option for those using the standard Mojave light mode.

The next beta should support this.

I’m not sure how to read the response. From the topic subject and request I would read that the color mode will be selectable within the preferences of DT3, but in Bèta 7 I still don’t see this option?

DEVONthink 3 uses the system settings, only the tweak is supported.

Well, then I hope there will still be serious attention to the RTF color settings in dark mode cause in beta7 it is still quite unreadable. In fact DT3 is the only app that makes me switch the color mode in Mac OS preferences.dt3b7%20colormode

Thanks for reporting this, seems that rich text attachments (except images) are rarely used as this is the first report of its kind. The next release will fix this.

Thanks, very appreciated. It’s my preferred and most used way of working (adapted from my earlier habits in Evernote).

I was already wondering whether you used Evernote in the past. Storing files on their own has of course several advantages, e.g. you can easier view & edit them, search results are more precise and you can use additional tools, e.g. see also & classify or the concordance.

I realize that, but for me a RTFD note has proven to be a very good ‘container’ for information because of the mix of images, videos, pdf’s (f.i. manuals) and text. I can tag and group the note. Change and renew the content. Add journal style (dated) remarks. And it gives me far more overview and context then a lot of loose files. I’d like to stich to it and can only recommend it.

My database and search results have a clear number of entries and results which I can walk through with the preview and would show a unclear multitude with loose files.

Note that RTF and RTFD files are not mobile-native nor friendly. At this time, if you use RTFD files, they cannot be edited in DEVONthink To Go. Just FYI.

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Jim, you are absolutely right :neutral_face: It’s the weak spot in how I use DT and the big miss compared to the fileformat used in Evernote. I asked about this when buying my DT license. Then I was answered there were plans for a DT editor which would address this (if I remember correct). But yeah, right now DTTG is hardly usable for me because of this.

I searched and tried all kinds of RTF(D) supporting ios apps, but RTFD on ios is drama. No app is able to work with the files I download in DTTG when I need them. Pity.


“The world has moved on…”
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And yes, the next major version of DEVONthink To Go will be focused on the editors.

:grinning: Nice answer. Then I can reveal there is a DT user somewhere patiently waiting for the next major DTTG release. And I know his name.

I think I can guess too :stuck_out_tongue:

Just installed DT3 official release. I would say this readability issue is solved :+1:

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Since DEVONthink to go 3 is out and does not provide editing capabilities for RTFD: is this still planned for the near future or are us evernote refugees out of luck?

It is still on the docket. However, due to Apple’s decision to not natively support RTF and RTFD, this is not a small task. This is also an area that is not being widely developed so finding suitable frameworks and methods has proven to be a real challenge.

If you have a mind to, Markdown is a great format, for both desktop and mobile.

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90 % of the time markdown would be fine for me, but sometimes I use a mixture of images and text. Normally I don’t know beforehand if this note will have some images at some point. So it feels like a burden to start in md and then maybe having to convert at a later point. Normally I don’t have to edit notes that include images on mobile though. It is rather rare. So for now I will use an ugly RTFD editor I just now found somewhere deep, deep in the app store if I ever have to edit the images-including ones on iOS. Handing the file over via share sheet and having it sync back seems to work. In case anyone is wondering, the app is named “RTF Write” and got 1$ from me for removing the ads. Not a proud component of my new devonthink based system but for now it works.

I guess it would be nice if Apple Notes (which I use for this due to the DTTG limitation) would offer some framework other apps could use.

It seems that the Keep It developer however developed his own richt text with attachments format, which works great. I have used Keep It exclusively before switching to DT and now with DT, I have to use Apple Notes additionally for iOS. I remember reading that Keep It’s format is based on RTFD.

Since Keep It is just one dev and DEVON is the much bigger product/team, couldn’t you guys just do the same instead of waiting for frameworks that might never come?

DEVON is the much bigger product/team

Haha! In a purely mathematical sense that is true. :smiley:

  • There are only seven people in our company, across the globe.

  • Of the seven, only three are doing app development. (In addition to support, I do automation stuff, testing, and documentation in Development).

  • That team of three has more than one application in development, including the powerhouse that DEVONthink is (and DEVONthink To Go is coming to be!). Add DEVONagent Pro, DEVONsphere Express, and the freeware apps people use. Now add other projects in the skunkworks and you’ll see a team of three isn’t 200% more than a team of one, practically speaking.