Devonthink Discord server

There does not appear to be a Devonthink Discord server. For those unfamiliar with Discord, it seems to be the primary chat app for communities around various interests. Would there be any interest in a Devonthink Discord server? Would be a great way for the Devonthink community to get together and provide each other with support.

What’s wrong with Devon:s forum?


There are many differences between forums and live chat platforms like Discord. I take it that you don’t use the latter at all. It has many advantages, and is very popular these days!

The main problem I see is most Discord channels are populated with leisure chatters, not business chat. I think we in here all work long enough hours without users’ hopes and expectations we’d be ever-present on a live chat server of some sort. And yes, there would be people who would get upset no one is live and responding to them.

With these forums, it’s a known place and process. It’s no different than leaving a note for someone, knowing they will eventually read it.


Well, I do have a Discord account. But I never warmed up to their website. Just my opinion. I also have a Slack account which I use often, but I’m not thrilled with it.

Discord is convenient for alpha (beta?) apps, for the developer, who interacts on the fly with users with (plenty of) spare time and willing to help.

“Asynch” forums are convenient for those without (a lot of) free time because of other commitments.

The Devonthink forum is fantastic.