DEVONthink Mail plugin under macOS Sonoma

I have heard from another supplier of Apple Mail plugins (SmallCubed) that macOS Sonoma will not support Apple Mail plugins. I have seen nothing directly from Apple to verify that claim. But, since I use the DEVONthink plugin for Apple Mail extensively, I am wondering if DEVONthink’s plugin will work with Sonoma, and if not what will will DEVONthink provide to replace its plugin functionality on Sonoma?


We aren’t that far into it to respond yet.

I received the same notification. I am interested in DEVONThink’s plans for email management.

Please also note the SmallCubed is going to solve the problem by writing their own mail client (if I understand correctly). I would be interested in a DEVONThink integration with MAILMAVEN.


There are already several alternatives actually:

  • Drag & drop
  • Scripts (automatically via Mail rules or on demand via the Scripts menu extra)
  • View > Sidebar > Import (without the plug-in the import is slower but still possible)
  • Importing exported .mbox archives

How many mail clients are out there? Which company could write and maintain integrations for all of them? An IMAP integration might be sensible, but then one would need to provide a GUI to (at least) select the e-mails to be handled…

And MailMaven isn’t even out there.

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Yes, but none of these is as simple as Message > Add to DEVONthink 3.

I merely hope DEVONthink comes up with a equally simple solution when Sonoma comes along.

Unfortunately Mail extensions are way too limited for the former functionality.

Considering the very poor adoption rate of Mail extensions, we hope Apple will reverse course on this decision before or by the time Sonoma is released.

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While Apple produces marvelous hardware, they have a very poor record regarding “pulling the rug” out from under their developers. I’ll join you in hoping Apple will reverse it’s technical direction in this matter but regardless, I greatly appreciate Christian’s response to this issue and can maintain hope for effective/updated scripts to support the import functionality (which, given’s deteriorating usability over the last decade or so, is one of very few reasons to even use the app. Perhaps Devon can consider supporting brower-based importing, for example).

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Unfortunately, browsers aren’t proper email applications and the inter-application communication with browsers make this a very unlikely avenue.

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And even scripting Mail can be tricky. E.g. the all headers property returns localized keys for “To”, “From” or “Subject”. No idea what one has to smoke to think that this is useful.


Nice hardware. Crappy software. And a self-appointed nanny changing things on a whim for “user security”.


Microsoft came up with this nonsense, afaik. They used “Aw:” in Outlook instead of the standard “Re:”. Which made other mail clients fail in establishing threads of communicating.

The Apple Mail nonsense is way superior :smile:


Please post warning prior to making these sorts of statements. I about fell out of my chair laughing when I read this…


I’m sorry, I didn’t even try to be funny :innocent: :grin:

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Christian, the best comedians don’t have to try to be funny.

You either have it, or you don’t.

Clearly, you do! :grinning:


Perhaps an IMAP integration is indeed sensible and worth further thought and discussion. The IMAP path is the way a lot of CRM systems have gone down to incorporate mail into their records…

At least IMAP is a bit of a standard (not as standard as JMAP from Fastmail, but that’s a separate discussion).

Not sure how it would work with DEVONthink though.

Just a thought.

Is that meant to be irony? I’m asking because IMAP is a well-defined and heavily used standard since ages. Whereas I never heard about „JMAP“