DEVONthink not reindexing changed external folders


I have a seperate database for indexing some folders that are regularly changed in the Finder and synchronized via Dropbox. DEVONthink is expected to re-index external folders, isn’t it? It has never been “automatically” reliable, but at least it used to work by invoking the “Update indexed items” menu choice — a local menu entry would be handy, by the way. But today, I’ve come into the problem that there are newer files in an indexed folder and DEVONthink fails to see them, even after repeatedly invoking the “Update indexed items” and even with the folder in question being selected in the sidebar. It looks like a bug to me.


Olivier :-{)


DEVONthink: 3.5.2, server edition
Finder: 10.15.6
Dropbox: 106.4.368

Was anything logged to Windows > Log? Does it work after restarting the app or the computer?

No, there’s nothing in the log.

I have restarted the computer, thus DEVONthink too. Same problem. Additionally, I did a “Verify & Repair” → 45 missing items (indeed, there’s a significant activity in the indexed folders). Those missing items are mentioned in the log.
Next step: Update indexed items → nothing happens, not even a blink in the “Activity” window that I kept open.

Are you using Dropbox’s Smart Sync feature?

Yes I am…

This is not suggested as that puts the files on the cloud only. You should only be indexing locally available files.

OK. → I took care that every indexed folder and it’s content is in “local mode” → correctly indexed again.

Thank you very much, Grenouille Bleue :wink:!

So, I think one could note something like this somewhere in the documentation:

Indexing Dropbox Smart Synced folders works ONLY when their content is in “LOCAL” mode.

But one knows that not everyone reads every line of every manual and every update readme. So, maybe, DEVONthink could test, when it’s indexing an external folder, whether the folder and its content is in “local mode” — if it’s technically possible — and issue a warning?

Thanks again.

Olivier :-{)

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You’re very welcome and your suggestion is noted.

But one knows that not everyone reads every line of every manual

They don’t?!??! :flushed::cry:

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I’m trying to get DEVONthink Pro to sync to an external Dropbox folder. I have Smart Sync and the folder is set to local. But if I make a change to the folder (e.g. adding a document), the file I added does not show up on DEVONthink.

Does it show up if the Dropbox client is not running?

I quit Dropbox and the file still does not show up in DEVONthink when I click synchronize.

I started a new thread on this subject.