Devonthink Server

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I have seen a lot of posts about this request, most of them are rather old. I would still like to request a kind of devonthink server as a kind of central repository. I often have the issue to work on multiple computers (e.g. travelling, eg. home, etc) and I have not found any useful way to replicate the data in this scenario. A central server (maybe webinterface only) would be nice. Or any ideas how I can solve the problem of syncing data between two machines (without NFS, SMB, etc)

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Meanwhile, have you looked into the browser-based server built into the DEVONthink Pro Office edition? Trials are free.

I have a full ProOffice license and I looked to the webserver. It’s nice but it does not solve my problem, because when I am working with one of these two machines the other one is typically not connected to the same network or reachable.

But because you have already a web frontend - do you plan to integrate a real server to this as well? My feeling is, that this is requested by many customers. Any other ideas for syncing maybe?

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No, there is no plan for a DEVONthink server of this kind. DEVONthink is built on a decentralized data model where each local machine has its own copy of the data but syncs to a commonly accessible location. Having a client/server setup is counter to that philosophy.

(On a personal note: I have worked with many client / server setups in many environments for 25+ years. They are always sold as “easy access for all” and “one source of truth systems”. Even with ongoing backups and virtual machines, when the server goes down, all access is down.)

Thanks a lot for sharing. Just as an idea - would it be possible to send thoughts/notes, pdfs etc to an eMail alias and Devonthink is catching them up and putting them into the inbox?

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Currently this is not possible (and the often-cited Evernote uses it’s own servers for these email redirects).
One of our Users posted this the other day, if you are inclined to building things: Script to email notes/content to your Devonthink Inbox

Do note that this is something under consideration for future releases.