Devonthink web clipping saving as bookmark instead of PDF

I’m having an intermittent problem clipping PDF’s from Safari. Currently running DEVONthink version 3.5.2 and macos Mojave 10.14.6. When clipping a webpage to PDF DEVONthink will instead save it as a bookmark. The only way I can get DEVONthink to start clipping as PDFs again is to restart it. Then it will clip PDFs again for some period of days/weeks before reverting back to saving as bookmarks, even though I have it selected to save as a PDF. It doesn’t seem to matter if I select single or multi-page, it will still be saved as a bookmark until I restart it. Everything else appears to function normally.

Welcome @avz001

Are you clipping normally or clutter-free?

I was trying to clip normally.

Do you have a URL that isn’t clipping properly?

Once this start to happen it doesn’t matter what URL I try to clip as a PDF, it will always be a bookmark until I restart DEVONthink. Once I did restart it today this same URL saved properly as a PDF. I can’t tell you if this happens with any of the other formats as I clip to PDF’s almost exclusively.

Is there some kind of dump or other information I can capture when the problem is actually happening?

You’re going to have to tell me how to send you the URL. Your system isn’t allowing me to send this message if I include the URL.

I wanted to add some additional information. I am still having this problem and have done some additional testing. When this problem starts happening it is not limited to just PDFs. It seems that no matter what format I choose DevonThink will save it as a bookmark. Restarting DevonThink will clear the problem for some period of time, but it does return.

This is what I’m getting…

How to Make Any WordPress Theme Responsive.pdf (1.2 MB)

Yes, and that is what I will get too until it stops working and just creates bookmarks. I realize whatever is happening is intermittent and since no one else is reporting it must be unique to something on my system. As I mentioned before it’s not just this webpage. When it starts happening EVERYTHING gets saved as a bookmark. It doesn’t matter what format I select, it will be a bookmark.

I’m pretty sure you’re not going to be able to reproduce this, so let me do some more troubleshooting on my own and see if there’s some conflict with another package. Perhaps reinstalling DevonThink might help. Thanks for taking a look.

You’re welcome. Let us know if you find a consistently repeatable method.


hey there Jim + DT-team,

unfortunately I can confirm the experiential report of Andre @avz001

same here (osx 10.14.6 + DT 3.6.1).
– from my experience it seems to happen more often (start with?) attempts to use clutterfree clipping.

but as with Andre a restart resolves the issue… just to have it reappear after time…

best! o

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Just saw your post. In early December I upgraded my MacOS to Catalina (as high as I can go on my mac mini). Since the upgrade I have not had the issue with DEVONthink only doing bookmarks. Previously I was running on MacOS Mojave.

thanks Andre for sharing this experience / insight!

I will have to go back reconsider doing the upgrade.
some cautionary tales related to use of old apps (32-bit) and nagging/uncomfortability issues about new stricter sandboxing kept me from doing so.

but besides that I would also expect that DT supports all the versions still supported by Apple – or otherwise issue a warning / recommendation for using Catalina specifically…?!

be that as it may: good to know, and I will re-think my stance.
thx for attentive sharing!

I have the same issue on my MBP with Big Sur 11.2 and Safari. Some clipping just produces the link or sometimes just a black page but not the pdf. It happens sporadically and I can’t find a pattern behind it.


I was just getting this. New MacBook Air M1, Big Sur 11.5.1 & Safari.

Fixed after reboot.

Welcome @winsome

  • Thanks for the follow-up.

  • Congrats on the new MacBook!

  • Don’t forget to update your OS to 11.5.2


Still getting this behaviour. Yes it’s easily fixed, but it’s tedious, and bloody annoying that I now feel that I have to check every single file to make sure it’s a PDF and not a bookmark.

doh - just noticed there’s an update.
Here’s hoping it’ll fix this.


Far out, this is STILL happening.

And does immediately retrying it work now?