DEVONthink window not displaying correctly - a part at the top is not visible anymore

Hi, since a few days I’m having this problem on my iMac and on my MacBook Air 13". The DEVONthink window is not displayed correctly, a little bit on the top is not visible. It’s easier to explain if you look a the screenshot. The problem is I can’t click on certain areas anymore like toggle in the information panel, am not able to sort by name or whatever etc.

Anyone else having this problem? It doesn’t change if I switch to full screen mode etc. I am using DT 3 Pro 3.8.


Just a quick thought…does the problem persist if you quit and relaunch DEVONthink (alternatively, if you restart your Mac)?

If those don’t produce a result, what version of macOS are you using?



yes, I have encountered the same problem: it starts when quitting DT out of full screen mode and then re-starting it (into full screen mode). a workaround is to exit full screen mode in the state you describe, restart it (into window mode) and only then go into full screen again.

I have reported the issue to support a while ago and was ensured of a fix which has yet to materialize…


A screenshot before quitting and after launching the app again would be really useful. In addition, which version of macOS do you use? Thanks!

Hey, I posted a screenshot in the original post. Looked the same before quitting and after launching. The workaround by @toao actually did the trick glad enough.

I am on the newest macOS version 12.0.1 on both iMac and Macbook Air. On my Macbook Pro 11.6.1 is still installed and I am not having the issue here.

as/if this can be re-produced - any chance of it being fixed in an upcoming release?

Sure, bugs which can be reproduced get of course fixed. But so far no “luck”. Therefore if you’re able to easily cause this by performing steps, additional information would of course be welcome.

ok, this is how I consistently (re-)produce the issue:

  • put DT main window into full screen mode (it is the only DT window open)
  • quit DT
  • restart DT

at this point DT launches into full screen mode and the top lines are hidden as described by the OP. this can be “fixed” by:

  • going out of full screen mode
  • qutting DT
  • starting DT (now into window mode)
  • only then going full screen

while I would be surprised if that had influence on the issue: when starting I need to manually enter the password of one of my encrypted databases as I do not store them in keychain.

hope that helps with re-producing the issue…

Unfortunately these steps are not sufficient over here to reproduce it. A screenshot of your sidebar preferences (see Preferences > General > Interface) might be useful. In addition, which macOS version do you use?

interesting…similar to the reminder issue we discussed a while ago…am starting to wonder what’s “special” about my setup / my config… :slight_smile: …anyway, I am on mac os 12.2.1 and please find my preferences attached:


Still no success unfortunately. A screenshot of the app before quitting and after relaunching might be useful.

very odd, for the first time I could not re-produce the issue, despite having done so, before replying to your note above with 3.8.2. “vorführeffekt” I presume…will get back when it happens next and / or I can find out when it triggers and when it does not…

Typical example for this:



Did you have windows in fullscreen when you updated to 3.8.2, which quit and relaunched DEVONthink?

@cgrunenberg: I had a window open in fullscreen (several actually) and this is what I saw immediately after updating DEVONthink…

yes, this is exactly the behaviour I am talking about…and, yes, I did have the DT window open in full screen when updating. shared full screen (with another app) to be precise…and I am seeing this behaviour frequently (unless I want to show it … :wink: …)

Do you have multiple windows in fullscreen or just the one?

most of the time just one…when I updated it was only one for sure…

  • Was the window restored to fullsceen when DEVONthink relaunched?
  • Can you post a screencap of the window in fullscreen as you normally work with it?
    • Do you have DEVONthink appearing on all spaces or have you locked it to one desktop?
  • yes, it was restored to full screen after relaunch. it always does that when quitting out of full screen
  • screenshot attached. this is what my DT window typically looks like
  • not sure about your last question. because of the issue we are discussing here I typicall get DT out of full screen mode before rebooting (as I otherweise would have the issue at reboot). I then move from window mode to fullscreen. if I forget the DT window typically comes up with the issue you have documented so well…

Are you able to reproduce this? Which macOS version?