DEVONthink3 crashes when entering Preferences

I running OS 11.0.1
On a MacBook Pro Mid 2015
After updating to DEVONthink 3.6 Pro it crashes every time when I want to us Preferences.
Everything else seems to work fine.
I hope that you can fix this issue with your next update or that you can advice me how to fix it.
Best regards


Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!


This happened to me too, but only once to date - I can’t reproduce the conditions which caused it.

This is happening to me every time. I have done as the advice above and submitted a Bug Report, but also wondering if there is a standard remedy like deleting the prefs file. I haven’t looked to see what or where the DT3 prefs file(s) are.

It is only happening on one of my two computer running macOS 11

One option is to downgrade to v3.5.2 ( until version 3.6.1 will be available.

Thanks. Done that and not crashing now.

Obvious perhaps, but a restart of my iMac worked for me.

Same here! DTP ends abruptly as soon as I try to display the Preferences.
Restarting the mac doesn’t change anything.
I’m on BigSur.