Does DEVONthink finally support iCloud?

I can chose it on my Mac (DT Preferences, Sync).

P.S. I wrote a longer thread just a short time ago but now it’s gone :frowning:

Yes, iCloud is available for Mac-to-Mac Syncing. It is NOT available for Mac-to-Mobile Syncing. Due to the way Apple implemented iCloud, it is not feasible as a Sync location for DEVONthink To Go 2 at this time. Once the challenges can be overcome, we will offer it as a location.

It’s not gone (see iCloud Support - finally implemented?) but the first posts of new users are moderated to avoid spam.

Well, I guess I should have checked into this before getting rid of my Dropbox Pro account. The only way I can think of to sync now is to put anything I want to sync in a separate database and keep it small enough for free Dropbox. Feels like I’m regressing, but that’s what I get for being cheap, I guess.