Dropbox alternatives for DT?

Dropbox will raise its prices and I pay for a lot of space I don’t use. That’s why I want to move my DT Packet Sync stuff to another cloud.
I didn’t choose Dropbox because I was in love with it, but because it was the only cloud system that DT could work with fluently. (My experience back then.)
But that was a few years ago. I hope there are now alternatives to Dropbox that make DT easy to install and work well and securely. Any recommendations?

E.g. iCloud or any WebDAV-compliant cloud service like CloudMe. See also https://www.devontechnologies.com/blog/tuesdaytipfindafileserviceormakeonedriveworkwithsync

If you already use iCloud to back up your iPhone, like I do, it’s pretty cheap to get more space for DevonThink ($1/mo for 50 GB).

Thank you. I will try iCloud again. Some years ago it was my first choice, but didn’t convince me then.

et al:
Bear in mind, all remote sync options have inherent weaknesses due to network conditions, server responsiveness, and bandwidth-throttling measures the services employ. There is no bulletproof solution when using a remote sync location.

I have always advocated using them when you NEED to. Just because you have a cloud account, that does not make it an optimal solution.

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You’re absolutely right, @bullfrog, that’s my opinion too. It is also only a small part of my databases that I want to access over the net. And this data is backed up and not very secret.

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A bit more than a year, I’ve moved from Dropbox to pCloud and have been quite happy with it. I’m also using pCloud (via WebDav) to sync DT3 on my mac to DTTG on iPad and iPhone. No problems so far.

For the syncing I had also tried iCloud, but for some unknown reason it was leaving ghost files behind and I then decided to switch to pCloud.

If you decide to try it and want to use a referral link (gives you a Premium account free for a month) here’s mine: https://www.pcloud.com/welcome-to-pcloud/?discountcode=07liJiUxbLpWlO4w38RFD8ZV

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Actually, I sync often and without incident :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Valente. I will keep it in mind.

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I sync to my home Synology box’s WebDAV server. It’s fast because most of the time I’m at home and the sync happens over WiFi. When I’m out and about I can still request items from the sparse replica, and DEVONthink will pull them across LTE. It’s transparent which network gets used because it’s all IPv6.

I’ve been syncing via Nextcloud, which exposes a webdav endpoint. That’s been working reliably for me so far and I suspect any other webdav service would work just as well.

We have an internal ownCloud server running WebDAV that we sync with just fine. :slight_smile:

Let me toss into this a China perspective. I’m American but have lived in China many years. I’ve tried every conceivable sync setup from here (remember just about anything useful is blocked here including anything Google, Dropbox, etc). Because all traffic goes through the Great FireWall, it slows down everything including sync. It’s also true that even iCloud gets messed up. Although it’s not technically blocked, there has never been an official agreement signed with the government (whatever that means, according to an Apple rep here). I also tried my own synology setup but even that’s tough since you can’t easily have a fixed ip here (without paying a lot and I suppose special permission). Yes, it sucks here for internet communication. I was using webdav on CloudMe for quite a while, I was happy with it even though it was quite slow and relatively expensive.

About 2 months ago I found something called NutStore. It’s amazing. In China at least it’s very, very fast (compared even with some other local services). The support software for mac and ios (and I presume PCs) is very well thought out and works perfectly so far. And for the amount of storage I need it’s very reasonable in cost, about $30/yr.

So there you have it, I hope it can help someone else out who’s been frustrated with this situation for many years.

Thanks for the info, @EvanChina
Yeah, the network access controls in China make it a difficult situation, so this could potentially be useful for a growing number of people in our userbase.

et al:
Also, as I often say: Use a remote sync location only when you NEED it. Just because you have a cloud account, that doesn’t make it an optimal sync method.
Syncs via Bonjour, or local sync store for Mac-to-Mac syncing, are faster, more reliable, and private.

Hi. Is it reasonable to have two or more sync methods set up concurrently? Are there problems with duplicates? Does a slow iCloud sync interfere with a faster load cal network one?
In my case I have a synology NAS WebDAV store which works well when I am home.
When I am out iCloud works well enough but at home my interest is so slow it can take hours to sync. I also find myself in countries where the only feasible set up is peer to peer as box network betwee iPad, iPhone and Mac.
I have profiles set up for all of these but never know whether to leave them all enabled or not.
As a side note I’d love a USB direct connection method for when I am overseas in an off grid setting

Yes, you can use more than one sync method. They are isolated from each other.

There is no “sync over USB”, however, you can use a Bonjour sync when the mobile device is connected to your Mac via a Lightning cable.