DT ignores charset in Mail on import

I have an e-mail with charset=UTF-8 which I import into DT by dragging/dropping it on a database.

  • If the fallback encoding in DT’s preferences is set to “UTF-8”, everything is fine
  • if the fallback encoding is set to “ISO-Latin-1”, umlauts etc. are broken (i.e. they are shown as two characters like “Grüße” instead of “Grüße”).

The documentation states:

Fallback text encoding: When decoding an email message, DEVONthink uses the message’s encoding information. When there is no encoding information, DEVONthink uses the encoding that you set in this pop-up menu.

If that is true, why is then the fallback encoding influencing an e-mail with a correct charset setting?

Actually the charset is used (but not always correct, I’ve seen too many emails specifying the wrong one in the past). Therefore please redirect this email to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com. In addition, how exactly did you import it? This might be important.

Done. Let me know if you want the source of the original email.

Please see also this thread:

Thanks! Unfortunately you forwarded the email (meaning its contents were reencoded) and therefore works fine over here. A redirected email or the zipped original might be more useful.

Does it make a difference if you import the email via scripts or via drag & drop?