DT not Syncing properly

I’ve got myself in a confusing mess.
I have DT on my 2012 MacBook Air, my 2011 MacBook Pro, and DTTG on my iPad.
As I’m getting to know DT, I’ve been using all 3, but lately working mostly on the Air.

Today, after a day’s work I discovered that DT from the Air wasn’t syncing to the iPad. (They use iCloud Cloudkit (no encryption keys)
DTTG was giving me a log report that .manifest files were missing.
After digging around on this site I followed these instructions:

And when that didn’t help, I followed these instructions:

So now I have reinstalled DDTG, made sure it’s “syncing” to iCloud, but it’s empty and doesn’t sync. The Sync [cloud] symbol is greyed out.

MEANWHILE, on my MacBook Pro, it’s got the unsync’d database (prior to the work I did today on the Air), and syncing doesn’t update it either.

So now I’m hopelessly confused. Help?

I feel like I need to start over.
I’m getting problem after problem in DT v3.7 on the MacBook Air:

  • The log tells me .manifest is missing from “[DATABASE 2]”

  • I go to >Preferences>Sync>Verify Database Quickly

  • maybe I >Clean database (I forget)

  • then I try to reimport database and get “Request failed with http status code 503”

  • then I restart
    Then [DATABASE 2] seems ok but

  • The log tells me .manifest is missing from “[DATABASE 1]”

  • I go to >Preferences>Sync>Verify Database Quickly

  • I >Clean database

  • Then [DATABASE 1] refuses to sync (it is not huge)

  • I restart

  • The log tells me .manifest is missing from “[DATABASE 2]”


  • Broken or not yet complete data structure of [Database 2]

I’m going insane.

I have made a backup of both my databases and the Inbox Database.
How can I start fresh?

Please open a support ticket. Thanks.