DT3 - Duplicate indexed files only in DB

Take a look to this capture:

This is happening more and more frequently. That file is located in my NAS. Only one file but appears twice. When it appears twice? When I open DT3 in my other MAC. And then starts a dancing of deleting phantom files. Sometimes I end with 3 or 4 duplicates only inside of DT, sometimes they get duplicated as well in NAS… Then of course ends duplicated in DTTG as well, and is a nightmare of file deleting/sync/etc…

Originally I thought it was a iCloud Drive problem, but happens in my NAS, in iCloud Drive and in Dropbox, then I’m pretty sure is a DT issue…

More. Once I return to my second Mac, now it is duplicated both in DT and in NAS:

And, as said, deleting the duplicates ends in a nightmare.

Closed both DT sessions, deleted file from NAS. Open DT:

And after that, yes, after that a “Update indexed items” normalizes the thing.

I am no expert in Sync but this worths a checking: Have u selected “Use latest document” or “Duplicate documents” in “Conflicts” in sync preference?

Yes, I have that enabled in both DT installations. What is more, the duplicated files ends with exactly the same date and time.

Sorry for asking one more stupid question, we are taking about DT3b6, right?

No question is stupid. Yes, it is DT3b6, but it is happening since first DT3 beta.

The reason I am asking is that I saw similar behaviour in DT3b1 on some of my index files with Chinese filenames (I use Dropbox for database sync). But I no longer observe the behaviour since DT3b3. But perhaps these are difference issues. Hope u will solve ur problem soon.
Thanks for the patience.

What is the file path of each file - shown in the Path of the Info inspector?

Also, there is no prohibition in having duplicate indexed files in a group.
If you indexed a file into a database more than once, you can put them in the same group with no ill effect.

I indexed this group, then indexed the selected image outside the group. Then I dragged it into the indexed group.
And as you can see, there’s no ill effect in the Finder…


Jim, I’ve resolved the issue now. Next time it happen, I will check the path, but I assume was exactly the same, as both Mac mount my NAS folder in the same path. But will check.

But the problem is not having two equal indexed files, the real problem is DT duplicated that file by itself. I have my iMac always on and always connected to the NAS.

Ok, here we have it one more time. In iMac A,I moved an indexed file from one folder to other folder. File successfully move in file system. It was located in a folder in Dropbox and moved to another Drobox folder. Once I go to the MacBook Pro B, now I have two indexed same files in same folder (I’ve verified the path and it is the same).

Duplicates in DT:

Original Folder:

Destination Folder:

Edit to add that “Update indexed items does nothing with the duplicate”.

One more time.

Yesterday I was scanning and processing old books. I was in my iMac until my cat stole my chair, then took my MacBook Pro and continued and this morning, phantom duplicate:

Please please please please, let me a workaround to at least, not have to copy the folder out of DT reach, delete it, sync across devices, restore the folder and sync one more time…

And yes, they show the exact same path, and are shown as duplicate even with “stricter” option enabled… as it is a fake duplicate.

BTWE, I’m filing a bug for this.

This is a known issue, the synchronizations expects that each computer/device synchronizes its own data. But in this case both computers share the indexed files/folders.

Ok, then I could expect a solution for the final DT3 version?

Workaround for now? Perhaps “negate” access to those files from the second Mac? (I can not synchronize the files from Dropbox configuration, and not mount my NAS folder).

Yesterday Dropbox started warning me about a lot of file deletions and then I killed all Indexed DT3 stuff. Basically it was duplicating files inside folders and then deleting the previous one. First one DT3 in my iMac, then second DT3 in my MacBook Pro… and seems in a circular way.

I’m not going to restore my DT3 indexed databases after a secure way to not to risk loose files.

This is a limitation of the current sync, shared pools of data are not yet supported. A future release will improve this but not yet the final release of version 3.

What’s the path of the Dropbox folder? The sync shouldn’t even touch the files/folders in this case as that’s completely up to the Dropbox.app.

Then it is not possible to have the same files indexed in more than one Mac?

In both Mac, the path is exactly the same. /users/rfog/Dropbox/Reference/blahblashblah. And when I had them in my NAS it was the same /Volumes/cloud/Reference/blahblahblah…

The thing is DT3 touches each indexed file. You can see how the date and time changes to current one and then it is left the original one after some seconds, both in my NAS and Dropbox.

Yesterday I was reading an indexed file inside DTTG (synchronized via the “magic” sync database -I mean: DT3 puts the indexed file into sync database, and then the file is used in DTTG until DT3 gets the result and modifies the indexed file itself). I did an annotation on it and later I saw that file duplicated in original folder. And not as “Name 1.pdf” as I normally see them when DT3 starts duplicating files, but “Name Copy.pdf”.

Perhaps I’m missing something… but if we cannot do the DT - DTTG “magic”, and we cannot share indexed files across MAC, DT loses most of its magic. No pun intended, but I think is a regression over DT2… :frowning:

This is actually identical to version 2, the sync is basically the same in both cases (Dropbox or NAS).

I think haven’t changed anything in my flow between DT2 and DT3, and with DT3 sync works much worse. Well, technically, sync is perfect, what is not the same by far is the treatment of the indexed files.

But if you are sure, well, I can be mistaken and will be doing something wrong.

It’s of course not impossible that version 3 introduced new issues but the shortcomings are definitely the same. The handling of indexed files/folders should be reliable too if the indexed items are neither shared nor located in cloud folders. Shared server volumes (e.g. on a NAS) will be supported by a future release, in case of cloud folders (e.g. Dropbox) certain shortcomings (especially usage of DEVONthink To Go) will continue to require workarounds due to the limitations of the third-party support (and workarounds are never perfect).

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Ok, thanks.

Then, what is reasonably safe in my situation? Can I have indexed Dropbox/NAS folders, but only in one Mac? Can that indexed folder be synchronized into DTTG with the usual shortcomings?