DT3 - Problem Restoring Purchase

Similar here - I use two iPhones and I wanted to install DTTG 3 on my second iPhone after I upgraded it with an one time purchase on the first iPhone.
I removed DTTG2 before starting DTTG3 and then it did not work out to press “Retry / Restore”.
After I re-installed DTTG2 (From the “purchases” Menu inside the App-Store), deleted and re-installed DTTG3 it worked out.
By the way: I like DTTG3 a lot, first Impression is that it works quick and like charm :blush::ok_hand:

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Yes, exactly. I use DTTG constantly. Of course I’m going to upgrade, so why wait?

same problem, purchased one time discounted upgrade on iPad (version 2 was installed). then after that I installed it on iPhone and tried to restore purchase, nothing happens. I need to install version 2 on iPhone, open and quit it, then only purchase detected.
looks like a bug.

Welcome @sidtree
We are investigating what may potentially cause this for some people. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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thanks, waiting for fix, one more thing… which sync method is best iCloud CloudKit or my own WebDAV server ?

I have the same problem.

I will wait for the fix.

Same here:

Bought discounted DT3 (with DT2 installed) (on iPhone) - had sync issues - deleted DT2 and DT3 - reinstalled DT3 and now cannot restore the DT3 purchase.

Therefore I can not use it right now (and no - installing DT2 again is NOT a solution).

Thanks for a quick fix!

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Wir untersuchen, was dies für einige Menschen verursachen könnte. Vielen Dank für Ihre Geduld und Ihr Verständnis.

Same problem for me.

Had around 16:30 clock (German Time) on my iPad, iPhone and MBP turned off the sync and switched to CloudKit on the iMac.

When the sync was finished there, the MBP switched to CloudKit sync. No problems at all. Then iPhone and iPad, but there the sync hung up. Nothing happened for hours.

So the upgrade purchase made, so that I do not lose the upgrade advantage, as already described here several times. The version 2 (current) deleted, .
The sync in version 3 continued to run, but made no progress.

Now uninstalled version 3 and after reinstallation no recovery goes.
Version 2 is no longer present in the German App Store.

Sorry, but good upgrade policy is different!!!
Instead of the nice pictures, a detailed upgrade guide would have been useful.

Based on this statement, you should be aware of the problem and you would have the opportunity to provide the many customers who have been turned into beta users with updates during this time.

Every 1,99 € App can restore purchases… DTTG 3 not!

If I understand correctly, the problem of family sharing has been addressed in a recent bugfix in version 3.0.1 that is awaiting review now

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It will still be available from your Purchased history.

This is true, but should not solve the problems with the sync and restore the purchase.
As a beta tester you do something like that, but not as a customer with a supposed finished version!

For me I have removed version 2 before installing version 3 then I didn’t got the upgrade but once I removed version 3 then reinstalled version 2 and finally reinstalled version 3 all is good I got my upgrade recognized…

My sync on my iPhone is running right now

I’ll removed version 2 later (and I confirm my version 2 was in my Purchased history :slight_smile: and not on the French App store anymore)

It’s impossible to answer this as any remote option has inherent weaknesses.

Are you talking about using your WebDAV server on your local network?

Neither release candidates nor gold masters means “entirely free from bugs”. Apple’s last 4 operating systems are perfect examples of this.

Communication with us users is the problem… @BLUEFROG!

Pin topic/suggested solutions as info at the top of the forum. If problems are known, use social channels to point them out.

Pointing out that there is something somewhere in the forum (link?)?

Are not even 5 minutes of work, but saves many support requests!


Not every user of the DT apps is also registered in the forum. Therefore, my suggestion to publish this also via link on social media or via a note in the iOS app, as well as on your blog page.

Very important… point it out with the publication and not a day later.

Greetings again to the marketing team.

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You don’t have to be registered to read here, afaik. And I think that the website of the company providing the product is the first place to look for help. I for one do not use “social” media at all.
Also, we’re talking about a minor glitch here. Not the end of the world as we know it.