DT3 - sidebar order

In my database, I keep all items in the database inbox (having renamed it the same name as the database). I have numerous groups and smart groups. Some of the smart groups are not associated with any particular group. What I’d like to know please is how in the side. bar I can sort those smart groups so that they are at the top of the list of groups.

You can sort global smart groups/rules via drag & drop. To sort items of databases (including smart groups), you have to switch to unsorted sorting (see contextual menu).

I cannot get what you have said to work. Before posting, I had tried drag and drop on unsorted but the smart groups bounced back.

Instead, I have created a new group ‘0-000’ which sorts to the top of the list on the sidebar and I have moved the smart groups to that group.

A screenshot plus a description what exactly has been dropped where would be useful.

Creating a screenshot that omits sensitive information isn’t possible. I am content with my work-around, thank you anyway.

Creating a screenshot that omits sensitive information isn’t possible.

You could try Monosnap as it has a blur tool.

Solved: Just found it on the context menu on the database item (I expected the option to be everywhere in the folder structure levels). This needs a lot of scrolling to find the options and by activating everything looks kind of different.
This handling is confusing and was more clear with 3pane view.

See this…

Thanx Jim :grinning:
… and sorry for me messing up the thread order… you have been replying faster than my last edit.

No worries :stuck_out_tongue::blush: