DTG iOS Scanning

I was wondering whether the DT team has considered adding the new iOS scanner SDK to their app to enable document scanning directly in the app, would be something I would love to pay for in an IAP and would really integrate the whole experience for me so I can digitise documents when travelling too!


Yes, we have looked into the VisionKit framework. It is, however, extremely lightweight and does not support, e.g., deskewing or color correcting pages so that you end up with proper A4 pages, pure white background and black text.

We’re keeping an eye on it, though, but are also evaluating other options.

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Good to hear! Even something rudimentary would be big for me :slight_smile: or even a proper integration with another scanner app?

Readdle Scanner Pro offers direct integration with DEVONthink To Go. You can either send single scans directly to your inbox with a single tap or save them via DEVONthink To Go’s Files.app integration to any database and group.

Oooh, is there a tutorial anyway for how to set that up?

Oh I see it in the sharesheet

Not sure whether it takes more or less steps and whether the functionality is very different, but the native Files app can scan documents as well.

Simply select the Global Inbox or any other folder and select ‘Scan’ in the upper left corner (the … menu).

Not sure whether it takes more or less steps and whether the functionality is very different, but the native Files app can scan documents as well.

Scanner Pro offers a bit more here, from deskewing to making document black-and-white, running them through OCR (Tesseract-based, so probably with less accurate results than what DEVONthink Pro offers).

Hallo @eboehnisch - alter Thread, aber ich wollte nicht extra einen neuen aufmachen. Ich nutze auch Scanner Pro von Readdle, sehe aber nicht, wie ich mit einem Klick Scans in die DT Inbox schicken kann. Ich muss im Share Sheet erst auf „Andere Apps“ gehen, da dann DT anwählen, wo ich noch die Datenbank etc auswählen kann. Hat sich hier was geändert? Bei Evernote kann ich sogar Workflows erstellen - das wäre für DT natürlich auch genial.

Let’s stick to English as this is the international part of the community :slightly_smiling_face: Actually, when DEVONthink To Go is installed and you open the Share sheet for a scan, this is what you should see:

They are still using the old icon but it should appear whenever our app is also present on the device.

This question was posted in two threads. Together with the person asking the question, we have found that reinstalling the ScannerPro app integrated the DEVONthink icon which that person previously wasn’t seeing.

Thanks @eboehnisch ! Yes @Blanc had this great idea and it works. I noticed you can even drag and drop the DT icon to the first place of the row if you like. I will write to Readdle support asking for a chance to integrate DT like Evernote and other services to be able to create workflows - which would make this even better.

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Thank you! Suggestions like these are always best when they come from a customer instead from a company like us.

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