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Would it be possible to import email messages from iOS mail into DTG so that I could bring DTG’s search functionality to iOS emails? I am unable to access these emails on a desktop computer that can both run the mail client (Office 365) and DEVONThink (i.e. a PC at work) but if I could do it all via iOS (e.g. create a database in DTG called “email” and import everything from iOS Mail) then this could work.

Due to the limitations of iOS this unfortunately impossible, it’s only possible to add one email after another via sharing.

Ok, thanks for letting me know! Hopefully Apple will remove this limitation at some point.

Bear in mind, on iOS devices supporting split screen, you can drag items from Mail to DEVONthink To Go. This can be accomplished via multi-touch - touch and begin dragging with one finger then use a second finger to select other items. You can also press the Edit link in a mailbox to select multiple items.


Thanks @BLUEFROG. So, essentially, if I could select all of my emails (10s of thousands) I could achieve this. Seems like we’re close if only Apple would allow! I appreciate you point this out though because I might consider doing this for critical emails.

You’re welcome and yeah, Apple would have to release the hounds on this one. Cheers!


You could import one or many emails via iOs by simply moving them to a new folder if your iOs email is connected to Office 365, GMail, or another email web app supported by Zapier:

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