DTP 3.9.3 breaks the apple script command ocr from

Literally from the scritping dictionary:

ocr v : Returns a record of the type as specified in the type parameter.
ocr specifier : the object for the command
file text : An image file

The term ocr specifier is irritating here.

It does not here but throws exactly the same error as does my script above (M1-Mac, Ventura), namely “expected end of line etc but found a classname” with file in the ocr command being highlighted.

Are you using another hardware, i.e. Intel, or maybe already Sonoma?

M2 Air on Ventura actually.

So it’s not the silicon nor the OS (unless M2 behaves differently from M1 :wink:

Did you use tell application id "DNtp"? You shouldn’t use the old form.

et al: Anyone have DEVONthink 2.x installed?

The format using “DNtp” is coming from the example files as distributed by Devonthink. I don’t have Devonthink 2. Never had it.

Thanks. I was wondering if the “reference” thingy was new. Apparently not.

I used your script. And no DT2 installed here.

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key to open a support ticket too - thanks!


Does the script work if you launch DEVONthink 3 before executing the script or using the Script Editor.app?

Does the script work if you launch DEVONthink 3 before executing the script or using the Script Editor.app?

DEVONthink is always running. So the script does not start DEVONthink. In the mean time, on request of support, I uninstalled and reinstalled the OCR module which also didn’t solve the issue.

Does rebooting the computer, then launching DEVONthink 3 and finally using the script make any difference? If you’re interested in a beta, just send me a PM.

Just to be certain I have restarted the computer. No luck.

I noticed that my Hazel → DT workflow broke recently and found this thread. I do not see any error messages in the Hazel log which seems consistent with what I have read here. My fix is to change the Hazel applescript to do an import without an OCR and then to use a Smart Rule in DT to do the OCR. Just started this but a few preliminary tests suggest this is working. I am running DTP 3.9.3 and MacOS 13.6. Just figured I’d share my experience.

This should be addressed in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thank you very much. With Version 3.9.4 my scripts do work again :smiley: :+1: