DTPO 2.0b7, Canon LiDE 100: Update to Snow Leopard killed im


After Canon released TWAIN drivers that are supposed to work with Mac OS X 10.6.1, I held my breath and upgraded to Snow Leopard. Now I can use the Canon LiDE 100 scanner with the Canon software (“MP Navigator EX 2.0”) as well as with Apple’s “Image Capture”. So the scanner is basically working.

Unfortunately I cannot import documents directly from DevonThink Pro Office 2.0b7 any more - which worked fine with the non-Snow Leopard.

When I choose “Import”/“Document”/“From Image Capture” from the file menu, the scanning window opens, the scanner light turns on, and the scanner is physically working. But no image is transferred.

When I choose to import via “ExactScan”, almost the same happens. The status bar at the end of the importing process (“Transferring image to…”) stays on forever, and I have to force quit the “ExactScan” application.

My workaround is to scan via “Image Capture” to a TIFF document and use the import function of DevonThink, so I can continue the work. Nevertheless I would love to return to the more integrated workflow from within DevonThink. At least until budget allows to purchase a Fujitsu SnapScan.

Excuse me if I got some menus or messages wrong, I am using a German system and software.

So, any ideas how to fix this? Or is it a bug/issue to be resolved? In the later case, can I provide additional input to assist?


My CanoScan LIDE 500F scanner works perfectly under OS X 10.6.1. I’ve done scans using both the ExactScan Capture and Image Capture modes.

Note that if a scan has been done using ExactScan Capture, the ExactScan Capture application must be Quit before the Image Capture mode can be used. I don’t know whether you were using a Canon scanner application but, if so, I would assume that it would have to be Quit in order for the DTPO2 scan/OCR modes can be used, as it would have taken control of the scanner if still active.

It’s my understanding that the OS X 10.6 Canon driver for this scanner was included on the Snow Leopard installation disc, so it was not necessary to download and install a Snow Leopard-compatible driver.

I can’t test a CanoScan LIDE 100 scanner, but I would have assumed it would work with DTPO2.

In Snow Leopard you can set the workflow in Image Capture to send the output directly to DEVONthink and it will be saved for the next time (unlike in Leopard and Tiger). Then DEVONthink will automatically do the OCR if you set it so in its preferences.

Other than that, I have no idea why it doesn’t work. I’ve seen a report from another user where it does work with your particular model. You may want to download the drivers again from Canon and install them by hand. Unplug the scanner, restart your computer, plug it in and see if it works again. Over here I have no problems with my Canon scanner after I’ve done this.

Which model do you have?

Canon MP530

Thank you for your suggestions and ideas. I just installed Snow Leopard from scratch, erasing my harddisk prior to install. First thing I did was upgrading to 10.6.1, second thing was installing the LiveScribe beta. Then the Canon software and DTPO. Same behaviour.

I will try the workaround by setting “Image Capture” to scan directly to DTPO.


Yesterday I got scanning/OCR working with my CanoScan LiDE 50 (on 10.5.8). The LiDE35 driver has been previously installed for VueScan support. ExactScan Capture crashes with three out of the four default profiles; all except “B/W OCR”. I’ll eventually start a new thread with more feedback/questions about this.

I am working with “Image Capture” now. Quality is good, and I scan directly to DevonThink Pro Office. I combine documents with multiple pages in DTPO and convert them to “PDF + Text” in a further step. So the workflow is OK now. Nevertheless I will upgrade to a Fujitsu SnapScan S300M later.


You can do the conversion as soon as the scan gets into DEVONthink (tick the appropriate checkbox in the OCR preference), that saves you one manual step.

Did so, but doesn’t work. Do I have to place the files into a specific folder to use this feature? I usually drop the scanned pages into the inbox of the relevant database.

You are correct, that is because the developers at Apple in their infinite wisdom :imp: have changed the identifier for Image Capture and so DEVONthink doesn’t recognise it properly. It will be fixed for the next release.

Ah, OK, so at least I’m not blind. Could this issue also be the root cause for the “broken” import workflow from within DTPO?

This has no effect on any other aspect of the scanner machinery of DEVONthink.

Hi Marc,

I got the exact same problem as you describe it here!
OS 10.6.1 (fresh installed on a empty HD),
DTProO 2.0b7
Lide 100 (lide100osx1482ea8-2)
german system

Help per mail from Annard couldn’t really help me. Because like you: ExactScan Capture dosn‘t work

Do you have any solution except the „workaround is to scan via “Image Capture” to a TIFF document and use the import function of DevonThink, “
That‘s no solution in the „DTProO-Way“
Hey Developers please, please help. Two times the same diagnostics. Could it be a „german“ problem?

I need „my“ import via „Digital Images“

Berlin, Germany


We have received a new version of ExactScan Capture for the next release and I have fixed an issue where the Image Capture application can’t send the files to DTPO anymore.

That’s good news, then this workaround is temporary only. Thanks for the good support!

Thanks, I’m having the same exact issue with the same scanner. I didn’t know about the work around, so this is helpful.

Any chance to get the LiDe 50 working under Snow Leopard? Just plugged in (for the first time in years, I should mention) and can’t get a peep out of it.

Public beta 8 will have fixed a glitch that may (or may not since I can’t test your situation) a timing issue that caused a problem in Snow Leopard.

In general: we cannot convert our existing scanner plugin to Snow Leopard because Apple has simplified developer access to such an extent that a lot of data we need about the scanner is not available. So in that case the only thing we could offer is what Image Capture does already. The good thing is that Image Capture in Snow Leopard is much improved and you can set it up so it sends the output to DEVONthink (I think even the scan button on your scanner can be configured as such). In public beta 8 it is also recognized properly and you can have OCR run automatically. I have to admit though that their UI is not as convenient as ours when you want to scan multi-page documents.

Conclusion: if you’re really serious about a paperless office, get the Fujitsu ScanSnap.

Well, I’d love to be serious about the paperless office, but even the small Fujitsu costs close to 300 euros, and since this year hasn’t been particularly great financially, I’d really, really like to get some alternative working.
A new LiDE 100 goes for under 70 for example, that would be doable.