DTPO and Sente6

I am a little new with DTPO but i am using more and more. I also enjoy Sente and thus far i search and retrieves PDF’s via this interface. I then attach Tags and notes in Sente. I would like to export all this information into DTPO to take advantage of its superior capabilities. Preferably each note in a separate folder with the appropriate tags and metadata linking to the reference in Sente.

Is there a simple way to achieve this

There’s an applescript that does the trick beautifully. See the discussion at: sente.tenderapp.com/discussions … s-function

Thanks for this. Have installed required components and it seems to work well if i select a single reference in Sente but a problem if i select multiple references. It seems to indicate i haven’t installed the relevant xml tools

Have you tried our Sente 6 smart template?

Have tried but the following error occurs.

Also it doesnt bring my sente notes with the reference

Any advice??

I am seeing this too when I try to use the Smart Template for Sente 6

(I am not, however, seeing a problem with selecting multiple Sente 6 references using the applescript … Might be worth downloading a new copy which I uploaded today)

PS Might it be possible to extend the template to import snapshot graphic images in Sente notes ? (The script now does this, but I can certainly see the appeal of doing this through a template, especially if the importation of links can be fixed).

We are already working with Third Street Software to make the integration smoother.

That sounds good. I look forward to retiring the script :smiley:

(Presumably the template + script architecture would enable you to generate a separate rtf for each of the notes attached to a reference in Sente ?)

Thanks for new update of script. It seems to work only intermittently in my hands. I cannot select more than 5 references otherwise it seems to think the XML Tools.osax is not installed. Yet it works fine with one or two references selected.


It looks as if there are some memory constraints with the XML Tools approach, and Sente returns a single large XML file when many references are selected in the GUI.

(I have recently seen a single Sente reference which produced well over 10,000 lines of XML. It contained several snapshot images and c. 100 notes).

For this and other reasons I am currently redrafting the script to get its data by directly querying the Sente Sqlite database, one reference at a time.

In the meanwhile, you should probably keep to selecting and exporting just a few references at a time.

Thanks for the advice, Appreciate the effort which has gone into all this. I must say i don’t understand half of it, but both products are very good, so closer integration will be welcomed

Version 0.57 of the Sente to DEVONThink script is a re-write which bypasses SenteXML to read the Sqlite data directly.

It should enable you to select a much larger number of Sente records and export their notes in a single batch.

(It should also run a little faster, and be free of some of the glitches which have recently appeared with the use of SenteXML, particularly with large references containing images or 100+ so notes).

Thanks. This seems to be working much better. No error messages at all. Thanks vey much.

All working well. But now the following error message appears. The script then fails to take the relevant notes form Sente to DTPO.

Any suggestions?
Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 9.25.37 PM.png

It looks as if that record may have an unanticipated feature which is causing the Sqlite command to fail.

Could I ask you to export it to SenteXML format and send it to me ?

(I have sent you an email)

Has there been any progress with the Reference (from Sente 6) template? It’s valuable just for its nice layout and the fact that it gives a complete bibliographic reference, but it would be even better if it gave a back link (I get “No citation identifier provided by Sente” every time).

No, our friends from Third Street Software did not respond to any of email in the recent … months. And without their help the back-link feature works for some records in Sente and not for others. Sorry.

Oh, well, it’s still a mighty fine looking template. Thanks for the update.

Hey there,

Am in awe of DTP but still unsure of how to use it fully, especially when it comes to working with Sente. My basic question though is - should I store everything in Sente and index in DTP? Or due to DTP’s AI abilities, should I keep everything in DTP and duplicate info in Sente? I have under 1000 references in Sente at the moment, but will be doing much more research work over the summer, so I wanted to find a practical workflow using the two programs.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile: