DTPO - edit smart group issue

For no apparent reason, I am unable to edit existing smart groups. I can create new smart groups and they work, but I can’t edit them. For years, I have Cntrl+right click with no issue. I have tried editing using my different databases and the global nbox but the issue persists.

I have DT3 on the same account but as a rule I do not experiment with DT3 whilst DTPO is open, also I do not open DTPO databases in DT3. The other day I inadvertently had both DTs open but quit DTPO the moment I noticed. I can’t say for certain there was no issue with the smart groups in DTPO after that but I don’t think so.

The only major change I have made to a DTPO database (“A”) is to move dozens of groups to another database (“B”) whilst leaving the smart groups on A. But as A has a group for all items and the smart groups get from that, why would that make a difference?

I have run Verify & Repair but to no avail. I have created a new database and added an item and a smart group but the same problem persists.

Help please!

Are these smart groups in the sidebar or in a database? A screenshot might be useful.

In a database, sidebar 3 panes.

And after choosing “Edit…” in the contextual menu nothing happens? In that case please please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com - thanks!

Not having used the report bug feature, I refused DT to have access to Mail. How do i enable that so that the bug report can be sent?

Check the settings in System Preferences > Security > Automation. DEVONthink 3 needs to be able to access Mail.

The problem is with DTPO, I am not using DT3.

(I have previously allowed DT3 to access Mail)

It’s the same in version 2, only that DEVONthink Pro Office needs access to Mail in that case.

Access done, reported bug but do I see any email sent?

Actually the command creates only a new outgoing message in your default email client, you have to send it on your own.

I could’ve done that direct! But it hasn’t done. All it did was ‘take’ me from DTPO to Mail. Would you like me to reiterate what I said in my op and email that?

I note that DT 3.0beta5 has done something to the global inbox so would it help if I were to uninstall DT3? If so then how do I do that. It’s the beta version, I haven’t upgraded as such to DT3.

I note that DT 3.0beta5 has done something to the global inbox

Done… what?

“When DEVONthink is first launched, the Global Inbox of DEVONthink Pro (Office) 2 is copied to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3 .”

Yes, that is true. Are you saying it did something untoward in your case?

I have no idea, I am just wondering. All i know is that two days ago I could edit smart groups in DTPO and now I can’t.

DEVONthink 3’s copying the Global Inbox shouldn’t have any bearing on that.

Does the behavior with DEVONthink’s smart groups persist after a machine reboot?

I’ll try again now but yes. At the end of my day I quit all apps, delete unwanted cookies and html storage files before switching off. I’ve done all that twice since the problem arose.

The only oddity was a warning that popped up to say something like Non-responsive DNS server or invalid DNS configuration. I checked my network settings (I have a networked printer/copier/scanner) but nothing else. All in order. Never had that before: I wonder if a virus has crept in: I don’t have firewalls. Everything else is working ok.

Does the behavior with DEVONthink’s smart groups persist after a machine reboot?


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