DTTG 3.0.5 and "preview" messages

I reinstall DTTG 3.0.5 on an iPad to have it download everything from the remote sync location, but after adding the first database, strange popups appeared and kept coming up…


There was no apparent end, so I killed DTTG.
After that the messages did not pop up again.

Anyways, I never ever saw them before.

Is this a new feature of version 3.0.5, a new bug, or a problem with my database?
I mean, there could the 1000’s or 10000’s of files without a preview possible!
They should not be shown one after the other, but instead maybe in a summary:

Could not generate preview for 1020382 files.

Or something similar

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Did you open a support ticket so we’d have access to the logs?

Did so now!

I could send you a log, but found no way to get or generate it :sweat_smile:

Please see my reply in the support ticket.

I had this same issue with 3.0.5 final but not in betas…

I resolved killing and launching the program. Do you want my logs as well?

No, but thank you :pray:t2: I already have an idea where this comes from. If I need more info, I have bookmarked this thread in the issue ticket.

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I have met this many times. This afternoon I was going to take some notes with DTTG3 (3.0.5) when I was attending a meeting.As I was typing the “Couldn’t Preview” window kept popping and interupting my input! That was really annoying. Hope this could be fixed soon.

As it seems, this will be fixed in 3.0.6

Yes, version 3.0.6 will fix this.

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Wow, this is quite the bug, renders the program almost completely unusable for significant stretches of times.

It fully depends on the kind of documents one synchronizes. The message appears only for file types otherwise unknown to DEVONthink To Go so that Quick Look is used for creating thumbnails. But, as mentioned, version 3.0.6 fixes this issue (and more).

I think if you restart the app, it stops showing the message. (Not hide, but remove from memory and start over).

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agreed this bug renders the app nearly unusable. can’t even edit a doc name without the dialog interrupting the edit. please get the fix out asap. thank you

It’s waiting for the App Store review for a day now.