DTTG 3.0 features

No, with a Canon, 5472 × 3648 Pixel, 6,8 MB (according to Apple’s Photo app)

Okay. Thanks.

Sadly, I really feel like currently Devonthink is one of the great Mac apps that has yet to “successfully” make a transition to mobile as well.

Hoping I’m proven way wrong when DTTG 3.0 ships!


For what it is worth, I am looking forward to DTTG 3.0. I think the criticism seems a bit harsh. Although I think a little more communication would help.

I use the current version of DTTG to capture a variety of material, particularly when I am researching stuff on the web. I have also found that Notebooks10 works well with DevonThink Pro (because of its excellent connectivity) and can co-exist with DTTG.

So, whilst DTTG 3.0 will be a big benefit I would see it as continuing to fit within a broader workflow. These days the great thing is to craft your own workflow from a number of favourite applications…


I agree wholeheartedly with that - a totally flexible, individual approach making the best of a number of worlds :muscle:

I second that concept. I’ve run up against the large size photo issue with a number of apps in my iPadOS environment. So, as far as embedded photos from iDevices go, I use-

I’m NOT the developer, just a happy user. Choose the parameters that work best for me, app saves the parameters, from there it’s an in-and-out process from Camera Roll > back into Camera Roll and on to whatever document/app I’m working with. YMMV!

Resizing images on iOS is easily done using a Shortcut. There is a shortcut available in the Shortcuts Gallery, but it is intended for Evernote, but can easily be modified to save your image in a “Resized” Gallery in Photo’s.

Also many examples are available online:

It might even be possible to create a shortcut which adds the resized image to DEVONthink…

But why do they have to be resized?

They do not have to be resized offcourse, but it helps keep the size off notes down, if you do not need the full resolution image. In my case I never need the full resolution in my notes. It would be nice if the extra step of resizing images would be handled by DT.

Because the world ain’t perfect yet :slight_smile: DT knows it’s that way, and they’ll get there.

I really think that’s the secret here; discover a problem, tell DT, provide additional info if necessary („look at the way xyz solved this“) and then take a pragmatic route towards your own solution until DT gets round to what you’ve reported (which can be next week, next year or never - that’s up to DT). And each of us will have our own priority, which we feel should be dealt with first. But DT get to decide :wink:

Stay safe y’all out there.


Good info to know. I just made a comparison myself, I created a new formatted note in DEVONthink macOS and inserted the same image, the document is 326.5 KB, the original formatted note created in DEVONthink iPadOS is 28.8 MB. I don’t have Keep It or Notebooks for macOS, so I was not able to test those apps. It’s still curious how Keep It iPadOS is able to handle that 28.8 MB formatted note just fine. Thanks for your thoughts on this!


Simple: Because the Webkit engine that drives HTML rendering on iOS apparently can’t cope with huge images. As shown by the behaviour of Safari on the iPhone/iPad.
The more interesting question, in my opinion: Why does DT on the desktop scale the image down whereas it blows it up unneccessarily on i*OS?

I was a happy user of EagleFiler, until I saw I need a mobile companion app. DEVONthink had DTTG, and that’s what I’m using. I’m happy with the combination and I’m not going back or moving elsewhere. I just have to figure out if I’m using DT enough to upgrade to Pro during WinterFest…

I put a 21.6mb image into Keep It macOS, look on Keep It iOS and it’s showing just fine and also weighing in at 21.6mb.

RTFDs also show inline images without problem in Keep It for iOS.

But I’m struggling just to edit RTF text files in DTTG.

I love DT3 desktop, but as for iOS - well, I’m just hoping that we’ll see something worthwhile in this next version.

In my experience, KeepIt does not put images inside the (HTML) file. Instead, it creates a folder with an index.html and the image, the HTML file only contains a link to the image. That is fundamentally different from what DT(TG) does – it embeds the image as a data URL. Apples, oranges.

If you need to produce documents with images this big regularly, a real text/word processor might be the tool of choice.

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What ‘HTML file’?

Well no, Keep It works just fine with this.

The “note”. Last time I looked, KeepIt said “note” and did “HTML”. Like DT says “formatted note” and does “HTML”.

Oh sorry, we’re talking at cross purposes. I normally use RTFs in Keep It.

While we’re hanging up wishes here …

(Btw, happy new year !!:fireworks::balloon:)

… I’d like to be able to clip to PDF within DTTG in much the same way I can do from the macOS app.

I recently developed a taste for capturing and “marking up” regular stuff (I used to do web archive, then moved to markdown, then realized this was a great feature and shifted to pdf).

While I can annotate PDFs very well from the iOS app, I can’t capture them yet. Fingers crossed for 3.0 !

The size limit in rich text/formatted notes documents is caused mainly by the RTF editor we had to use because iOS did not include any RTF support (unlike the Mac where RTF support comes free with the box). We will replace the RTF editor with something better but, sorry, in a 3.x release as it’s a change that requires some attention that we can give it after finishing the ground works.