DTTG 3 crashes on iOS 15

Hi all, since the final release yesterday my DTTG 3 latest version won’t start. Betas and RC were still fine. iPadOS 15 works fine. Any ideas?
Thanks Daniel

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try reinstalling it. fyi seems to work ok here.

No problems in my iPhone 12 Pro Max nor iPad 11 M1… Store version.

Thanks for your quick replies. It works now as usual without any effort from my side.

  • If it crashes again but not on startup, please select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!
  • If it crashes on startup…
    1. Go into iOS’ Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements.
    2. In Analytics Data look for DEVONthink…ips files.
    3. Click the most recent file and share it via email it to support@devontechnologies.com

Sent ips file for crash on launch. iPhone SE 2nd generation

My DTtoGo app won’t open anymore after updating to the public ios15 on my iPhone 11. It’s going on for thoe days and don’t know hoe to inform you since there is no crash report since it doesn’t even crash…

And what’s even stranger: when in the app switcher view, I see an ‘opened’ app with all my databases and folders…

And can you switch to it?

I’m having the same problem on my iPhone 12. DTTG3 stopped working right after upgrading to iOS 15. When I try opening the app it gets stuck on the startup screen with the logo for 10 seconds and then it crashes.

Deleting and reinstalling DTTG3 temporarily fixed the problem for a day. Now the problem is back. Should I send the data and analytics report?

Yes. Please send it to support@devontechnologies.com. Thanks.

Across days since installation, iOS 15 is showing a very buggy system. I’m having a lot of not related DTTG issues in my iPhone 12 Pro Max like touch stop working in some areas of screen, more than 50% of short-battery duration, and being inside MacStories Discord server, a lot of other issues I’m luckily not experiencing.

A Windows restart of device should resolve all… until new appearances.


This is what I see when I switch to the app:

Please see my other post. I have now deleted the app, brought it back and downloaded just one database this time. Appears to be working fine again.

FYI, after I upgraded to IOS 15 on my iPhone 7 Plus I experienced exactly the same thing. I have reported to DEVONthink Technologies with a support ticket. Further, I also uninstalled, then reinstalled it and re-set the sync settings and it worked

… but only for a day as the failure come back. So my time re-setting it up was wasted.

Working fine on iPad.

I have the same issue with another two apps which fortunately I don’t need on a routine or regular basis (from a bank and from an airline). A little Googling indicates that IOS 15 is not “perfect” as reports come in from others. So … My hunch is that the flaw is in IOS 15 and I’m hopeful that when Apple releases an update it will set the scene for DEVONthink ToGo to work. Completely beholden to others on this one.

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If it is mandatory that you must have DTTG working, I think you can still DFU and install iOS 14. Problem could be if you don’t have a security copy of your things from iOS 14.

(And yes, iOS 15 is as buggy as iOS 11, with some very severe bugs. Look into macrumors.com and “enjoy”.

The good new for me is that DEVONthink ToGo on iPhone is a “nice to have”, not essential.

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Quit DEVONthink To Go.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and initiate a screen recording.
  2. Launch DEVONthink To Go.
  3. After a few seconds, try quitting the recording with the red stop button at the top of your screen.
  4. If you’re not able to stop it with the button, swipe up from the bottom (or tap the Home button) to go to the application switcher. Does DEVONthink To Go suggenly appear to display normally?

Well, with due respect, what is the hypothesis supporting this test?

To run this test, I need to have screen recording from swiping from top. I don’t. I need to have some synching setup to give the app some data. That will take some non-trivial time. Already did that before which resulted only that the crash re-appeared.

Beyond the data in the crash report, what does this do?