DTTG "copy page link" (resolved)

Update: in DTTG, the “copy item link” in the “circle with 3 dots” menu only provides the item link (as one would expect), whereas the “copy item link” in the Share Sheet actually copies the page link for a pdf!

This has been discussed in the past, but as far as I can tell, this has not been implemented. Do I miss something?

“Copy page link” in pdfs in an extremely powerful feature to interconnect information. For me it is particularly useful on the iPad: I am working through some pdf and would like to make a reference to a certain location in some notes I take. The DT item page link mechanism is the closest to make this work (unless it’s one of those long-scroll single page pdfs which I mostly avoid). Thanks to URL schemes, it works across devices and applications.

This seems such an obvious killer feature that its absence might have a technological reason. Does the pdf toolkit not allow the extraction of the page # that’s currently displayed?

Of course, we all think that our pet feature is a killer one. What do others think?

(Reminder: this about DTTG, not DT on the Mac)

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Copy Item Link in the share menu copies the page link in a PDF…


I’m not sure about the level of control in the Share menu, I.e., dynamically changing the command to Copy Page Link when a PDF is selected. @eboehnisch would have to chime in on that.

Thanks, Jim. This is really a weird story. I had this vague recollection that in past I had read about some not entirely obvious way to get the page link in DTTG. Indeed, something like “copy item link” providing it automatically. So I tried that yesterday, but I used the version in the DTTG menu (circle with three dots). This one does not provide the page link. But the one in the share sheet does! I had a 50% chance of figuring this out, and I blew it. On the other hand, it’s not ideal to have two identically named items do slightly different things.

You’re welcome. And as I mentioned, the mastermind of our iOS app will have to weigh in on this. :slight_smile:

That’s probably more a bug/glitch than intentional. Both should work the same and always provide an item link with page parameter if applicable. Noted.

Update: Changed for the next update.