DTTG does not identify OmniOutliner (and other) files

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve also reported the problem directly to DEVONthink support in the past. At the time (March 2017, support ticket subject “Limitation in DEVONthink mobile: can’t send files to other apps”), it was for DTTG 2, and the answer was that the root of the problem lay with iOS, specifically that iOS was not communicating file type information. In DTTG 3, the situation improved in one respect: it’s now possible to send OO files directly to OO via the “Share” menu, which is fantastic – thank you very much for that :). But oddly enough, it seems to have regressed slightly in another way: I vaguely recall that in DTTG 2 it was easier to see that a file was an OO file, whereas in version 3, everything about it is “unknown”.

(I’m sorry I can provide more detail about how it was easier to see that a file was an OO file; I don’t remember exactly, and now can’t install DTTG 2 to test it again. I just remember clearly that when I upgraded to DTTG 3, I immediately noticed it was harder to distinguish the OO files. Perhaps it was the icon – maybe the icon was different.)

Have you, maybe, enabled DEVONthink To Go’s PIN/biometric security and set the lock delay to “immediately”?

I just checked, and I seem to have it set to 3 minutes. Here’s what the screen looks like:

I mentioned the permissions screen upthread, but it was because I was going into it after a long delay. If I got back and forth between DTTG and OO more quickly, it doesn’t show that screen.

(Sorry if that created any confusion. I expected DTTG to show the screen and it’s not a hindrance, with fingerprint recognition.)

The you should be able to access your documents in the Files app or from OmniOutliner within three minutes after DEVONthink To Go was in the foreground.

Yes, indeed, that’s what happens. Maybe I should update my posting to explain this part.

We have found & fixed the problem. It was purely cosmetic, only the “human readable kind” of the document was “Unknown” even though it should have a proper name. The fix will still list it under Unknown documents (maybe we should call it “Other”?) but properly labeled. On iOS 14, DEVONthink To Go will also use the new extended API around UTIs to find a good name instead of just labeling it .ooutline Document.

Hey, that’s great news! Thanks for working on it and improving it.

W.r.t. the section title “unknown” versus “other”: maybe “other” would actually be a better name for this kind of thing.

We’re now listing them under “Documents” where documents of a “different kind of unknownness” :wink: already appear.

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We’re now listing them under “Documents” where documents of a “different kind of unknownness” :wink: already appear.

So would these be “known unknowns” then? :slight_smile:

(C.f. There are known knowns - Wikipedia)

Just as in the German Democratic Republic everyone was equal but some people were a bit more equal than others, here we have unknown documents and some that are a bit more unknown than the others :smiling_imp:


Well, now I do believe that we have reached the bottom (philosophical) of the matter! This shows that the issue had its importance to be resolved. :wink:


I was responding to your comment that by using OmniPresence there would be ‘no need for DTTG and DT-to-DTTG sync’. But if there are OmniOutliner documents in a DEVONthink database, they will need to sync eventually. They are not going to appear in DEVONthink To Go just because they are in an OmniPresence location that is indexed in DEVONthink.

Personally, I stopped using OmniPresence years ago when OmniOutliner began support for iCloud Drive. Much simpler to index and use IMO.

Eric, I just submitted a feedback report as an update.

Thank you!