DTTG downloads copies every second or two

earlier, i saved two pages (one a twitter post, one a blog post) as PDFs to the general inbox. later, after saving some pages successfully, i went into the recently modified smart folder so i could check on conversion accuracy (sometimes i need to try saving as markdown or html etc if the document is wonky due to odd code on the original page that screws up the saved document)

i noticed the two above referenced files had the dashed square of temporary documents. i gave waited a while just in case (i only have one two bars on my phone where i live :cry:). i deleted and tried a few more times but they only came down as temp documents.

i force quit DTTG and safari and at some point, DTTG started downloading copies of the two pages (with the PDF symbol now) every second or so. soon i had about 350+ copies. i continually deleted the files from my inbox and force quit both apps repeatedly. nothing helped. i rebooted my phone. same problem.

i went into settings and after a while, was able to get to the inbox in settings and turned it off:

a friend had the same problem and got help but i checked and i have no feeds as far as i can tell (not a feature i’ve ever used, but i looked and don’t see anything.

im afraid to turn on the inbox again but im actually some work right now and it would really help to fix the two pages i wanted to save as well as those now queued up.

im happy to facetime and screen share or talk on the phone if people are local to bay area. regardless, thank you for any help! :pray:

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What version of iOS are you using? Are you syncing with iCloud (CloudKit), or some other method? When you say you saved the “two pages” to the “general inbox”, was that on DEVONthink desktop, or on DEVONthink to Go?

This is the best way to get support:

holy crwp i’m sorry! i can’t believe i left that out! sorry😜

iphone 12 pro max with iOS and DTTG all current versions using cloudkit

all of this is happening on phone in DTTG

i haven’t used DT on my mac for a few months and don’t have access to wifi here, phone only

i’ll send in the request. thank you :pray: