DTTG is non-functional on iOS 8

Over here, as mentioned in the Deutsch forum, DTTG on iOS 8 cannot create rich notes and cannot display rich notes created on the desktop. Also, attempting to sync with the desktop after creating a new “Inbox Item” causes a crash on DTTG. After DTTG crashes, it is pretty much dead – attempts to start a new sync merely show the screen where we “Select a computer on your local network” but when a computer is selected nothing further happens. Perhaps a hard reset of the iPad would overcome this, but that’s more trouble than it’s worth since there are plenty of other apps with options for creating rich text documents.

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering if I should update to iOS 8 or not (I usually try and wait a few days to see if there are any major bugs in apps that will affect me).

DTTG is so difficult to use already, and suffers from so many problems now, I think these additional ones make it a great opportunity for DT to release the new and improved update!

Seriously, it would be really, really nice to see.

I am just uploading an update to version 1.4.3 which fixes the RTF issue. Apple changed he way web views work and now they no longer display RTF documents.

I will look into the issue with newly created items. Is this reproducible, korm?

While we’re already working on DEVONthink To Go v2 a while now, it’s not yet ready for prime-time. We will keep you updated as soon as there’s something we can publish. Currently I am working on an iOS 8 extension for easier adding documents to DEVONthink To Go’s inbox.

Yes, but I have to hard boot the iPad each time just to get DTTG to work again, so testing is complex.

No update yet appears on the Apple Store. Is that where it is supposed to be? I am desperate to get the rtf able to read again on DT to Go.

In a previous post:

I am still unable to display RTF/RTFD documents in DTTG.

Do you have an estimate as to when this fix will be pushed out to the field?

Thank you.

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There is no way we can know when it will be available on the App Store as it is still filtered through their aproval process.

I know you can’t ‘force’ yourselves to work faster, but really I have been hearing about this for probably 2 years. There’s just no way it should have taken this long. I know software developers don’t ‘owe’ me anything, but some kind of update and explanation as to why a vital piece of software for many, many modern workers has taken so long would be really nice for your customers.

Jim - I find it hard to believe that the “Apple Approval Process” takes this long for what should have been a relatively small change to the DTTG application. I for one was at a point where I regularly synced RTF files (Task List & Document Annotations) and now I need to convert those to HTML in order for them to show up in DTTG. Which is a pain, and I lose formatting capabilities…
So, do we have any idea when the updated DTTG will be out?.. :frowning:

I can reproduce a crash on every sync operation from iOS 8 devices.

In all seriousness, feature enhancements for DTTG seems to me as a customer and user to be a big waste of time. Bug fixes are one thing but adding things like Extensions when this piece of software has been as rickety as it is for so long?

It’s been a long time with DTTG and a lot of frustration — if it needs to get re-prioritized internally to align better with iOS users, I don’t understand why this is difficult to accomplish. You’re selling and shipping a product that doesn’t meet expectations by a long shot. Pull it from the store and stop spending time on it at all IMO.

Release 1.4.3 of DTTG is available on the App Store. It’s noted to “improve compatibility to iOS 8”.

I’ve found that I am able to display and “edit” RTFs.

Installation did not go well. After merely updating the app from the app store, 1.4.3 hung at the “Select a computer” screen and it was not possible to reset sync settings. I found after trial and error that I had to remove DTTG from the iPad Air, hard reboot the iPad, install DTTG fresh from the App Store, and then sync. I had to repeat this procedure twice, afterward DTTG would sync. So far, things are working. But, I am a casual bystander and not a heavy user of DTTG, so YMMV.

Installation went fine for me, but all my RTFD-formatted text is still unreadable (error: “Unable to Read Document, An error occurred while reading the document”)
So sad.

Same here: installation fine; error for all RTFD files

Unfortunately it seems that Apple has completely stripped RTFD support from iOS 8 and later. They first removed RTF and RTFD support from UIWebView which is why version 1.4.2 suddenly showed “Unable to Read Document”. The Quick Look framework still renders RTF but not RTFD.

I am already looking into alternatives but easy-to-add operating system support for RTFD (like on the Mac) seems to be over on iOS, I am afraid.

I have found out why RTFDs are not displayed in DEVONthink To Go on iOS 8 and fixed it for the next maintenance release. We will submit it to Apple fore review before the end of the week.

Thanks, Eric! Rich text is my favorite for most Web captures, and I use it for notes and drafts. RTFDs include images, and such files cannot be displayed in DEVONthink To Go 1.4.3.

Re the time frame for Apple approval of updates—it cannot be predicted. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it takes weeks. That’s the downside of App Store apps.

Eric, et al;
Thank you for your efforts! I’m not sure what is causing the problem to continue for some, but my update went fine and I can read & edit RTF files in DTTG just fine now.

Thank You! :smiley:

Apple Store shows my DTG updated yesterday with a claimed fix for IOS8 and the rtf display problem. However, the updated DTG still fails to be able to read my rtf files. :frowning:

Jozwolf, that was last week’s update. Another one is in the review queue but it’s hard to predict how long it takes Apple to approve it. But you should see it as a free update in the next days.