DTTG3 has the same problem with TextExpander as DTTG2

I love the DTTG3 update and bought it immediately. I was sad to see the TE issue was not fixed though. When creating at Text note, a TextExpander snippet will not expand in the Body field of the note without hitting the [return] key. It expands as expected in the Name field.

That’s correct. As we plan to completely replace the RTF editor we have not dug into the old code base to update it for TextExpander. For the new editor we’ll try to make sure it works there.


Awesome! May I ask that you include support for TE “fill-in” snippets also? While native expansion is nice, it does not give us any more power than we already have with the TextExpander Keyboard. The Fill-In snippets, however, give us the ability to create complex, templated docs fast within DEVONThink. Please consider it. Thanks for all you do!

for reference on fill-in snippets on iOS:


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Thank you for the link.

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I saw in the release notes that the TextExpander framework was replaced with a newer one and I was hoping that would solve this, but this issue still persists. Just an FYI. Thanks.

Thanks for the update but that was, unfortunately, expected as we didn’t replace the editor yet.

TextExpander no longer working in any fashion in the body of a text note in version 3.5.2 of DTTG. As we know in the past, a [return] would expand the snippet. Now that is not even working. The snippets work as expected in the name field. I am on iOS 15.6 but I cannot tell you when it stopped working, as I cannot type notes without TE support, I had to quit using DTTG for text entry.

This is only in the New Document Assistant or in any text editor? We have redesigned the text editor but might have missed to explicitly activate it for it.

May I ask what you’re using TE for in this context?

Looks like they are going to fix that for you. Just to add my twopence worth, I use Keyboard Maestro for snippets and find it quite adequate and it seems to play well all round with DEVONthink 3. As long as you have less than a thousand expansions it seems by general expert consent to be sufficient and in fact in my view works better. I appreciate a lot of folk are tied in for various reason to TE.

Keyboard Maestro does not work on my iPhone :smiley:

This is when I create a new document with [+]

Well, you posted in the DT section of the forum, so readers might have overlooked this detail :crazy_face:

Everything from a date snippet to canned data regarding video shoots. If DTTG3 would ever support TE fill-in snippets, I would be able to do so much more. It makes me sad.

Just moved the thread.

Thanks, I didn’t even notice I had done that.

My apologies. I missed that we were talking about ios. I have an iPhone but never write on it beyond some simple text messages.


Thank you, that detail helped us locate the issue. Fixed for the next maintenance release.

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are you still considering supporting “Fill-In Snippets”?

Currently we support everything that the TextExpander iOS library supports out-of-the-box. Could you elaborate a bit how you’d see fill-in snippets support in DEVONthink To Go.