DTTG3 has the same problem with TextExpander as DTTG2

I love the DTTG3 update and bought it immediately. I was sad to see the TE issue was not fixed though. When creating at Text note, a TextExpander snippet will not expand in the Body field of the note without hitting the [return] key. It expands as expected in the Name field.

That’s correct. As we plan to completely replace the RTF editor we have not dug into the old code base to update it for TextExpander. For the new editor we’ll try to make sure it works there.


Awesome! May I ask that you include support for TE “fill-in” snippets also? While native expansion is nice, it does not give us any more power than we already have with the TextExpander Keyboard. The Fill-In snippets, however, give us the ability to create complex, templated docs fast within DEVONThink. Please consider it. Thanks for all you do!

for reference on fill-in snippets on iOS:


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Thank you for the link.

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I saw in the release notes that the TextExpander framework was replaced with a newer one and I was hoping that would solve this, but this issue still persists. Just an FYI. Thanks.

Thanks for the update but that was, unfortunately, expected as we didn’t replace the editor yet.