Duplicate Tags After Evernote Import

Hi All. I’m new to DEVONThink. Using version 3.7.1 on macOS 11.3 (20E232). I recently imported about 9,000 notes into DEVONThink from Evernote, which worked pretty well. Now, when I click on “Tags” in the sidebar I see a big long list of tags which appears to include duplicates. Here’s a screenshot:


As shown above, one copy of the tag is expandable. If I click an expandable tag, all of my Evernote notes tagged with that tag are listed. This is expected. However, listed right below the first tag is another tag with what appears to be the same name. This second (duplictae?) tag is not expandable and kind of greyed-out.

I’m wondering if I’ve done something wrong or I’m not understanding how DEVONThink tags work.

Note that I’ve read several related topics such as “Duplicate Tags”, “Tags Duplicating Erronesously” and “DT duplicates tagged files while importing to database using AppleScript?” but they don’t seem to address this exact issue. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Welcome, Dan!

Are (some of) your tags duplicated because there is one (of each) in Global and one (of each) in (Groups in) your specific database?


A second welcome @dlh2109

At a glance, I’d say @mksBelper is on the right track.
If you’re selecting the top level Tags group, it shows a union of the tags of all open databases. If you’ve made imports into or copied files between databases, this does not remove empty tags (and yes, this is by design).
Select the Tags group for a specific database. What do you see?


Thank you @mksBelper and @BLUEFROG. Thanks to your questions and prompts, I’ve done more exploration and reading, and I’ve learned that A) empty tags persist (by design) and B) the top level Tags group shows a union of all the tags of all open databases. This was a bit unexpected but I think I get it now.

Also, I want to say thanks for the quick and supportive replies. What a great community!


Good going, Dan!

In the long run, I think you’ll find that anything that’s in DT:

  • is there for a reason
  • makes it better :slight_smile: !

That’s been my experience, at least…

The model for Tags may seem a little confusing at first. But the way it’s been implemented means they are amazingly powerful. Good luck!


You’re very welcome and thanks for the gracious comments :slight_smile: