Duplicates need to be moved to trash

I’ve transitioned to DT3. I have a lot of duplicate files. How do I search for duplicates and move them to the trash retaining one copy where I choose it to be located?

You could e.g. use Scripts > Data > Move Duplicates To Trash like in version 2, e.g. after selecting all results of a smart group returning duplicates.

Another possibility is to enable the default smart rule “Filter Duplicates”, e.g. change the trigger from “On Demand” to “On Import”.

Suggestion - I find myself repeatedly reading through suggestions you have for using Smart Rules and coming to an “Aha” moment realizing how much power and customization that feature has added to DT3. In retrospect these capabilities are obvious and simple to implement but I have not always thought of them myself beforehand.

If somehow, someone, somewhere could put together a list of Smart Rule examples I think that would be immensely helpful. Or perhaps simply a section here in the Forum on Smart Rules like you already do for Scripting?

@eboehnisch or @cgrunenberg: Perhaps we should just rename the DEVONthink > Scripting section to DEVONthink > Automation.


In the documentation, @BLUEFROG? Sure, would make sense.

Online - here in the Forum. To allow others to contribute and learn about a feature with so much untapped potential.

That could be done, of course.

It would match the documentation too since we have the Automation chapter :slight_smile:

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Changed. I’ve left the /scripting category slug in place so that we don’t break any external links should there be any.