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Happy Easter! DEVONtechnologies | Happy Easter Egg Hunting

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Should there be one?

I think you are supposed to hunt for it, as one traditionally does with Easter Eggs.

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Those who search :mag: shall find :wink:


Unfortunately, I also cannot find the easter egg.
Thats a bit pity, because I want to order DevonThink because of the end of my trail time.
I was searching since yesterday and surfed through the whole page without any result. A bit demotivation on my side :frowning:

I think the rather substantial clue is here.


Welcome @JuergenMS

Nothing said the Easter egg is on a specific page.

And treat it like a treasure hunt. The pirate’s chest isn’t just sitting on the beach for everyone to stumble over. :wink:

Worth noting, if you’re looking on a mobile device like I was, some things only appear if you rotate to landscape. There’s certain functions (5 posts up) on the site you might not even know exist …

Alas, Im too old…and it’s still to expensive…:cry:

Have you found it? It gives 25% discount on all our Mac products.

No one is too young or old for DEVONtech products! :wink:

Thanks so much for this Easter treat; I’ve been among the Server-curious for years, and this was a beautifully-timed opportunity to take the plunge at last. Already I’m kicking myself for not jumping aboard earlier; having DT access on my Android e-ink tablet (Boox Max Lumi) feels like sorcery.

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Glad you found the surprise, not only with the Easter egg but also with the usefulness with your Android device!

That was a nice treat! I helped my wife find the Easter Egg and she has now happily joined the DevonThink bunnies. Thanks folks.


Wonderful! Glad to have her aboard now too :heart: :slight_smile:

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