Editing PDF and later extracting the original PDF


Is there an elegant way to edit a PDF (e.g. hand writing with apple pencil on iPad in DTTG) and afterwards(!) extracting the original PDF without the additions?
(Duplicating the document first and writing in the duplicate is not what I’m searching for. More what happens if I altered a document and want back the original, probably long after the additions were made.)

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Probably the easiest is to get back from your backup.

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Oh, it‘s not a matter of bad data or backing up. Im my case as a teacher an example would be projecting a worksheet in the class room, explaining stuff and adding notes. Then at another time in another class I want to do a similar teaching and then with a clean pdf.

Keeping the edited file is wanted.

@benj No need for anything complicated, it’s already a function in the tool bar.

Go to Data > Convert > to PDF without annotations. I can’t remember off the top of my head but I don’t recall losing the annotated copy when I’ve done this, I think it just creates a clean version alongside the annotated version (not at my computer to check).

EDIT to add: this is on DTP. I don’t know if you can do it in DTTG, but I think you were asking about the Mac app?


Thanks. Will try that out next time I‘m around my mac. Same function on DTTG would be great as well. Didn‘t find any yet.

Also see what I found searching this form “remove annotations PDF”.

Duplicating the document first and writing in the duplicate is not what I’m searching for

This sounds logically contrary. How could you have the document with and without annotations and not have a duplicated document?

And @MsLogica’s suggestion is spot on.

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@MsLogica is absolutely right. It works like a charm. Thank you.
At the moment I didn’t find any similar function in DTTG. Any ideas?

@BLUEFROG, you are right, of course. However, in my daily workflow I sometimes edit documents right when I need them, without checking if I duplicated them before. Then being able to come back to a cleaned document without loosing the annotated one would be great. On the mac this is solved by @MsLogica’s advice.

If I would/could always anticipate which files I would need soon then duplication would/should be a good choice, of course. :slight_smile:

Great hint, @rmschne . Good to know how to remove a choice of specific annotations. Thanks for the link.

No, there is no similar function in DEVONthink To Go at this time. First request I can recall.

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