Editing pdfs - sometimes work, sometimes not

Hey, I try to edit/markup (mark, highlight, add comments) pdfs in my database. They are mostly imported from websites (government) and sometimes the edit section in DEVONthink is active, sometimes not.
I don’t see any differences within the PDF setting of such files.
In DEVONthink all of em are marked as “pdf+text” - no “lock/protection” active.

Please note that I want to edit pdfs within my “main” database - and later I would like to reference to this pdfs in my other groups and projects. I would like to use the functionality within DEVONthink and not third party app or the Mac viewer, if possible.

sorry, this is my first post - I did use the search functionality but could not find an answer.

Welcome to the DEVONthink Forum!

If you search for “edit pdf”, then to see all click on “more…” link. Then you can sort by whatever criteria you fancy.

I found one of the many posts, Pdf annotating tools grayed out which you might want to read rather than repeating all here.

In particular, see replies from DEVON Techologies’ @cgrunenberg My understanding is that DEVONthink uses PDFKit. http://pdfkit.org

Bottom line is that not all PDF’s are created the same, unfortunately.


Thank you very much. That helped me out so much. - and I did learn what “annotating” does mean… :slight_smile:


Hi @dredhead I’ve had a similar issue although in my case I could see the pdf was locked. I don’t know if you’ve worked out yet, but if you open the pdf in your browser you can print a new version that’s “clean” and that you can then edit as you wish. My problem was also caused by government documents!

Here is the solution the forum figured out: