Email Archiving Solutions using a Docker Container as an Intermediate IMAP Server

Hi there,

so I’ve been annoyed by having to do so many steps to get my Mails from Outlook into DT. I know how to use the eMail import function, but it’s quite a number of steps to do. And as long as DT does not act as a mail client in its own right, I’ve thought about creating an easy, two-step process to transfer mails from really any email client into DT. I’m using an intermediate, locally running IMAP server inside a Docker container. The email client pushes the mails into that IMAP server, which is really only there to drop those mails as files on the disk (with attachments inside). Then there’s a set of scripts that take those files and push them over into DT’s global inbox - and another script that picks them up from there and even can file them away immediately.

So instead of like a 7 step process, it becomes a very simple two step process - in the email client, move the mails over to the new mail server that runs locally on your computer, and in DT, click one button on the button bar.

Here’s everything documented, feel free to try it out:

Have the appropriate amount of fun,