Encrypted Database not asking for password?

I’m 100% sure I encrypted my database w/ a password–shouldn’t it ask for it when opening the database?


I’ve no experience with encrypted databases so I’m only guessing: did you store the password in Keychain.app?

no, i never do because i use a password app and the password is in there… I remember clearly putting in the password when creating the database and I understand it can’t be done after the fact, so not sure what’s happening.

i check my keychain and noticed three keychain items, but I never said save to keychain anywhere in this process… I tried to delete them but even thought there’s an option they wont delete… I tried to rename them and also to revoke devonthink access, but still when I open the app, no password is asked for. I tried rebooting in safe mode, but then didn’t have access to my keychain… not sure what’s going on.

Did DEVONthink crash/freeze or did you use force quit while the encrypted database was opened and then the app didn’t ask for the password the next time?

I dont recall, but it has freezed on me before… is there anyway to fix it w/o losing all the work I’ve done… most of the files are indexed, not sure if that matters…

Does closing and opening the database again fix this?

no :frowning:

Please post a screen capture of the Navigate sidebar in DEVONthink with the database open. Thanks.

Thanks! I’m guessing it’s the Main database.

If so, post a screen capture of File > Database Properties for that database, so I can double-check something.

thanks so much!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
That indeed is not an encrypted database. If it was you’d…

  • See a key property icon to the right of the database’s name in the Navigate sidebar
  • See the path of the database in the Database Properties as name of database.sparseimage.
  • The name of the database in the Finder when closed would be name of database.dtSparse.

hmmm. well i’m not sure what happened as I have a password set in 1password for it… ok, who knows what I did. :slight_smile: what are my options now… do i have to start over? is there any way to preserve he work I’ve done?

  • Is this the database with the large volume of indexed files?

  • I would ask why you’re using an encrypted database?
    Also note, an an encrypted database is created at a fixed size. Do you intend to add to this database?

the documentation said that encrypting is recommended… i dont want a fixed size. I guess just if ever some got on my computer, the data would be safe… or when syncing? do not want a fixed size. what do you recommend?

the documentation said that encrypting is recommended…

I believe you’re referring to sync encryption, not database encryption.

If the data isn’t private, like health or financial records, I would just use a normal (i.e., unencrypted) database like you have now.

the data is private, but either it’ll be in the database or in an indexed dropbox folder. so i guess that means I have to start over?