Error: AsyncSocketErrorDomain 2

Does anyone have the same issue with local sync:

Fehler bei der Initialisierung des Speicherortes “xyz@xyz”
Attempt to connect to host timed out (AsyncSocketErrorDomain 2)

It’s a one way problem!

Solution? Thanks a lot in advance!

Problem solved! It was a local network issue!

Could you share what you found? Thanks

I’m also experiencing this same exact error today. Any assistance or suggestions would be helpful.

I experienced the same issue with Devonthink 3.0. Reseting my Mac and iPad also the local network wifi doesn’t solve the problem.
By Devonthink Pro Office version 2, I don’t have any problem.

The Bonjour sync of version 2/3 is basically identical. Does the firewall block DEVONthink 3?


Thats true. I edited the firewall setting for incoming connections and problem fixed.

I have the same issue. Where and how do you Setup the firewall? - 2019121712

See System Preferences > Security > Firewall

In my case, it was an issue with LittleSnitch (it is a “firewall” app)!

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Thank you.

I wrestled with this error and finally (by tweaking anything and everything) found that in the “Security and Privacy/Firewall/Firewall Options” preferences on my Macbook, even though “Allow incoming connections” was granted to DT3, I also had to uncheck “Enable Stealth Mode.” I was immediately prompted to enter my Bonjour sync password and was back in business. Relief.

Thanks for this follow-up. Good to know. :slight_smile:

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