Error: "Couldn't write silent worker context to volume"

Hi. Setting DTTG up on a new iPhone. Dropbox syncing.

I’m getting a ton of error notifications on my lock screen as it syncs. Dozens of them. See screenshot.

One database, approximately 9,500 items 5.9 GB. Lots of space in Dropbox, iPhone, & Mac. DTPO 2.10.2. DTTG 2.6.5 with “Pro Package” IAP. macOS 10.14.1. iOS 12.1 (Xs Max).

Should I be concerned? Thanks for any help.

See: unknown error notification on new iPad Pro

Thank you. I executed the fix script. Fingers crossed. :neutral_face:

Did it work?

I have the same problem starting a few versions back (Mac version is 3.83 and IOS is 3.34 17201). I’ve tried this 4 times on my iPad Pro as well as deleted the app itself 3 times on my iPad Pro and reinstalled DDTG. Same error. funny thing it it has always been fine until 2-3 updates of DDTG ago (this is not a new iPadPro and DDTG was installed and working perfectly before). Then this started on all my IOS devices and no matter what, I can’t get it to go away. The only thing I haven’t done is delete and replace DTP on my Mac (which is what the IOS devices are synching too). I’ve run this suggested utility script a bunch of times as well without fixing the problem. Any thoughts on this @BLUEFROG ??