ETA for DT3 to come out of beta?

This must be covered somewhere but I can’t readily put my finger on it. I’m keen to move to DT3 for lots of reasons – it looks just amazing – but I am wary to trust my entire research library to it while the app is still in beta. (Are people experiencing stability issues? Database corruption problems? (I’m following Bluefrog’s advice not to trust ‘mission critical’ material to a beta).

So I wonder, is there an ETA for the beta to end, moving to DT3 v. 1? I recall seeing ‘summer 2019’ somewhere, but depending on your location that’s rather flexible…

Yours impatiently, S.

Are people experiencing stability issues? Database corruption problems?

I agree completely that it is very foolish to place thousands of PDFs etc., built up slowly into a series of DBs that enables its user to find everything needed in their research, within mere seconds, into a Beta-version information manager.

Especially if one were to think of all the hundreds of hours spent tinkering to get those DBs to work & function exactly as needed.
Not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of hours spent annotating those PDFs, and building links between them etc. etc.

And yet, despite that agreement, and the absolute knowledge of the horror that would ensue were things to go, well, horribly wrong with that Beta-version information manager, here I sit, with all of my DBs, and thousands of PDFs, and their annotations, inside that very same Beta-version information manager…
And so far, so good. For several months already.

I actually felt uncomfortable typing that.
I also realise that I am clearly too impatient :thinking:

But, well, yes. No stability issues or corruption or the like this side.
But, as always, YMMV! So think long and hard of the costs of something going wrong!


same here. couldn’t wait :wink:

no issues whatsoever.

The final release is currently scheduled for this summer, the second beta will be available this month.


(edited: deleted guesses re. dates, because c.g. already answered)

More usefully: I have been running a copy of my databases on DT3 for a number of weeks now and have experienced no data-loss or other major issues caused by DT.

But, as always, YMMV! So think long and hard of the costs of something going wrong!

I absolutely agree with this.
Yeah, I’m the broken record around here, but…

  1. After almost 20 years of beta-testing and having lost data, etc. due to unruly apps, it’s just the wise course of action. Real beta testing is fun, but also can be dangerous and it’s often inconvenient.
  2. It’s my job to safeguard people’s databases, so I am always going to suggest the conservative approach with their data.

But at the end of the day, it’s your data, your choice - but I always err on the side of caution for you all.

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Yeah YMMV, but I’ve actually encountered two problems with the current beta. I’ve written about those here:

And here:

So be careful, and have proper backups! Or err on the side of caution and wait for the stable release.

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Thanks folks! I guess I will hang on in there and play around with the beta some more for fun and procrastination.