Expired certificate for this domain?

When I logged in today, I was greeted with a warning about the certificate expiration. Is it just me?

Looks like somebody else reported

Our SSL/TLS certificate expired. We’ve updated the certificate this morning.

There seems to be a problem with the server certificate still:

ax@alfalfa:~$ wget https://discourse.devontechnologies.com/c/devonthink.rss --2020-06-14 08:34:26-- https://discourse.devontechnologies.com/c/devonthink.rss Resolving discourse.devontechnologies.com (discourse.devontechnologies.com)... Connecting to discourse.devontechnologies.com (discourse.devontechnologies.com)||:443... connected. ERROR: cannot verify discourse.devontechnologies.com's certificate, issued by ‘CN=Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA,O=Sectigo Limited,L=Salford,ST=Greater Manchester,C=GB’: Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority. To connect to discourse.devontechnologies.com insecurely, use '--no-check-certificate'.

For some reason a valid certificate is detected by the browser, but fetching rss feed fails for my TinyTinyRSS feed reader. Please have a look what may causing this. Thank you.

Can anyone else here confirm there’s still a problem with the certificate? Maybe, @psinn, your RSS reader cached the cert?

The error message Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority points to an issue which likely is related to the discourse.devontechnologies.com server. You can reproduce the error from an Apple terminal:

wget https://discourse.devontechnologies.com

And my RSS feed reader has the problem is only with the discourse.devontechnologies site, not with other sites. But never mind and most importantly, DevonThink 3.51 is the most indispensible piece of software for my workfow :grinning:

A possible explanation here: https://serverfault.com/questions/989689/certificate-hasnt-got-a-known-issuer

This feed works in Vienna but the feed validator reports an error. It also could be the validator.

I can see this problem in wget but don’t get any problem using any browser I’ve tried here including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, DEVONthink/DEVONagent, and links.

The feed I tested was also completely operational though the validator complained.

Errors are gone now, and the feed validator reports: “This is a valid RSS feed”. Also SSL labs is happy with the RSS feed (almost), and no more errors on the command line. Thanks :slight_smile: