Export Emails from ios Apple Mail to DTTG

Is there any good solution to export emails from ios Apple Mail to DTTG? Currently, I have to print the email into a pdf and the share it with the DTTG app or to save it in a dropbox folder, which is then automatically imported into DTP3 with a rule.

Is there any other better possibility to export emails from a mobile device to DT (not in the pdf format). For example by flagging it with a certain color, which then on the desktop with a rule leads to export into DTP? or so? or any change this might be improved with the next DTTG release @BLUEFROG (but I assume this is mainly a problem from ios Mail with no real export feature)

It would

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I cannot provide in depth tipps on automatization. But in spite of doing the most of my mail-transfering on the desktop version I find it pretty convenient that you can drag and drop mails from Apple Mail to DTTG in iOS. Especially if you have Mail and DTTG open in split screen on an iPad.

It is hard to beat the desktop version of DT when it comes to smart ruling and automating imports, so I would leave the heavy lifting to it.


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the problem is mainly on my iphone. I receive an important email and would like to archive it in DT/DTTG but have only the possibilify to do this as a pdf.

Been here before. Problem is that iOS Mail does not support the actual iOS sharesheet. My solution was to switch to a different mail client. I’m using the current Airmail beta right now. Spark should work as well, but I have some privacy concerns here.

Was also discussed here before: discourse devontechnologies com /t/no-share-sheet-for-ios-mail-app/20687/5

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Some more information in this thread –

You can drag and drop in iOS too.

You have to drag the message and then, while holding it, use another finger to switch to DEVONthink and then drop the message.

You can watch this screen recording, I think it’s clearer than my words.