External or Internal Sync of Indexed Folders

I have a well-defined folder structure of indexed files on google drive so that I can access the files remotely. On a second computer I have the same google drive sync and I also do a bonjour sync of the DT database. I believe I’m double-syncing the files and the database by using goole drive and bonjour sync. and have noticed that duplicates get triggered and will cascade with more duplicates. Also the update indexed won’t pick up the one copy. It somehow triggers as two copies.

I have 2 computers, an iphone, and an ipad. I want both computers to have the same database and/or files. The iphone and ipad don’t need the indexed files.

What would be the recommended way to accomplish this? I’m thinking I will have to choose either an external sync like Google Drive or an internal sync like bonjour. Is there a better alternative?

What’s the path of your Google Drive folder? In addition, will the sync create duplicates in case of conflicts (see preferences)?

It’s in my home directory so /users/username/gdrive

Yes it is set to create duplicates. Should I change it to latest?

Definitely /gdrive? The default is (or was?) /GoogleDrive or /Google Drive as far as I remember, in this case DEVONthink handles it differently.

This might help.

Yes i renamed it to be shorter and because I have a couple of other email accounts synced there. How does DT handle it differently?

In case of known cloud folders the indexed items are not changed by DEVONthink, only the metadata is synchronized on the Mac, as the cloud client already handles the files/folders and depending on the client this might also cause duplicates if another software does update the items.

That’s an elegant solution and makes sense. In DT3, Is there an option to change the cloud folder? If not, do you happen to know the default cloud folder for gdrive so that I can change the file location back to default?

I should I also note that I have 3 google drive accounts that I sync to my computer and that’s why I changed the folder location. So that they would be something like


instead of

/Users/username/gdrive user1
/Users/username/gdrive user2
/Users/username/gdrive user3

If DevonThink recognizes based on a regular expression, then maybe I could still do what I’m doing?

Renaming gdrive to Google Drive or to GoogleDrive should be sufficient.

Then theoretically, ON conflicts, I could select duplicates documents?

Will renaming automatically change the indexed location in DT? Or do I change it manually?


Usually it would but not in this case as the folder is located in your home directory.

How do I update the index? Do I remove the folder from DT and then re-index?

Have you already changed the name?

Not Yet.

Considering the current situation, for the safest option, I would delete the indexed group in DEVONthink and empty the Trash. Since you’re deleting the indexed parent you should receive the warning about deleting indexed items and you’d choose Only in Database. Then change the folder name in the Finder and index it afresh.

Since it’s currently synced to two computers. How do you recommend deleting it off of both? Same instructions? Disable sync? The indexed folder is the only folder in the database.

Yes, I would disable the sync for the data on both machines first.
How you handle the second machine is up for debate, however I’m a square one kinda guy in instances like this. I personally would remove the database from the second machine, make the changes on the first machine so I know I have one good master database, sync it, then import it on the second machine.

I’d rather be confident that I started from a single set of known good data and import it afresh.

My understanding of the steps is as follows:

  1. On computer 1, setup a new master database
  2. Index the google drive into the new master database
  3. At this point, the new master database and indexed files should be good.
  4. On computer 2, the google drive is already synced and ready
  5. On computer 2, in DT3, sync the remote database.

Questions: What do you mean by “import it on the second machine”?

Once I sync the remote database, then DT will recognize that the indexed folder is a known cloud folder and the bonjour sync transfers metadata and lets the cloud folder handle the files and folders.

What do you mean by “import it on the second machine”?

As I said previously: I personally would remove the database from the second machine, make the changes on the first machine so I know I have one good master database , sync it, then import it on the second machine.

Import it means to download it from the Remote section of the sync location.

Sounds like we’re on the same page. I was worried it meant import like indexing vs importing files and folders. Thanks again