[Feature Request] : Badge & default format


Two suggestions after spending two weeks with DTTG:

  1. When starting a new note, especially on the iPhone, I just want to write something down as quickly as possible. Currently, you need to tap Plus > Text, and then you get a very small window for entering whatever you need. Only after entering some text (or a title, which is even worse for a quick note) can you select the item format (Markdown, Formatted Note etc) and get a full screen text window. I think there should be an option in the Preferences for a default text format (or “Ask every time”), so that when you tap Plus > Text you can immediately start typing in a full screen window. The small overlay is not very useful to work with IMHO.

  2. IMHO there should be a way to customize the app’s icon badge to show either number of unread items, flagged items, labeled items (or even labels of a certain color), and perhaps any combination of the above. This would make the app more adaptable to different workflows. For me, unread count by itself isn’t very helpful. I’m sure this feature would be useful to other users, too.


You don’t have to enter a title to save a text document. You only need to enter some body copy.