Feature-request: customizable badge icon in DT(TG)

To follow up on this post by @GordonMeyer

Various apps offer the possibility to customize the badge icon, so it can be adjusted to what a user wants it to indicate like:

  • nothing (no badges)
  • unread global inbox (current default)
  • all items in global inbox (currently not possible)

Particularly the last one could come in handy as an indicator for those that use a GTD strategy and want to maintain a ‘zero inbox’.

This request seems to have been made in the past, but I’d like to post one again. It’s obviously impossible for me to make a correct estimate of time or resources involved, but my guess is that the above three (nothing, unread, all) are fairly simple to implement (although of course it will add yet another button or item to the settings menu).

Perhaps other users can extend the list above with other suggestions what the badge could indicate, might they support this request. The previous feature request I mentioned above also suggests flagged items for example.

The reqeust is noted.