[Feature Request] Slide left/right to view other images?

Hi, DTTG devs,
I’m using DTTG as a digital album to view photos. I think you can make it even easier to use by implementing finger gestures: When there’s another picture inside the current folder, then slide left/right by one finger will show that one.

Any ideas?


Yes. Please do a search before you start a new thread. Your request has been made numerous times.


Thanks for your suggestion but I actually intended to make this re-post.

May I ask why? The previous request has been made 16 days ago.

I have made the same feature request LONG time ago (via forum or email, can’t remember) but I didn’t see this feature added. I hope this request gain more attention.
Sorry if I just spam on this forum.



And also, PLEASE allow to use the mouse wheel too, to switch between items.

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This simple feature - useful for any items, be they images, textfiles or PDFs - is still not implemented.

This is a very sad fact.
I have no other App that allows to view “content” that does not allow this - mist of them by swiping, some over arrow buttons.

PLEASE add this :.)

This is obviously not a simple or obvious choice to implement or we would have already.

Now, what to answer here…

Even the worst file browser of the world, the Apple Files App, has this feature:

Touch an item like an image from a folder from images or whatever and then swipe left or right to see the other files.

It’s really a basic possibility.

There are feature requests all over the place – why would that one merit implementation more than an arbitrary other one?

If I were a deveoper (which I’m not), yout tone would certainly not motivate me to work on that request.

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Now, this feature was asked for already several time, over the years.

I just really see swiping though items in a group as the most natural thing to expect and am baffled that it is still not there.

That’s just my view of this and I posted it.
No bad tone contained or intended.