Feedback and feature request

Hi all,

This would be my first post in this community, have been reading for some time already.

First of all, would like to express my gratitude for the whole community, as it was able to answer many questions which I had a couple of months ago when I first started using DevonThink, which became an integral part of my daily work routine. I honestly spend more time inside DevonThink now, comparing to any other application/service installed on my computer.

What would make me even happier, though:

  1. A button/action/anything really which would refresh all RSS feeds in all open databases, as I tend to organise the feeds depending on the topic/theme which leads to me storing those feeds in different databases/groups inside DevonThink;

  2. A feature that would allow me to map a particular folder inside my local email inbox to a particular group inside DevonThink for importing email;

2.1. A feature which would automatically import new emails from particular email folders to DevonThink.

Thank you.

Welcome @AlexW and thanks for the nice comments! :slight_smile:

  1. RSS feeds refresh based on Preferences > RSS > Check for Updates
  2. Unattended importing of emails isn’t supported directly within DEVONthink. These items would only be possible via scripting or Mail Rules (noting I can’t say for sure it can be done via a Mail Rule).

Depending on what email service you use, it may be possible to do # 2 via Zapier. Such as this: